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Happy Raksha Bandhan 2021 Date in India

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2021 Date in India

India has many festivals to its name. Indians. Celebrate all their festivals with so much oomph and fun. Raksha bandhan is a festival that showcases the sisters love for her brother. Raksha means “protection” and bandan means “Bond”.

A sister ties a sacred thread known as Rakhi on the brothers hand. Tying the sacred thread will make the brother take up his responsibilities of taking care of the sister all throughout her life. Happy Raksha Bandhan 2021 Date in India

This thread binds the bond between the brother and sister very strongly for life. All Indian festivals are celebrated with lot of grandeur and entertainment.

Traditional Indian festivals are celebrated by families gathering together, exchanging gifts, greetings, singing and dancing with lots of fun and excitement.

Similarly, Raksha Bandan is also celebrated with so much fun and excitement. Family members get together to celebrate this beautiful bond between siblings. This beautiful relationship between a brother and a sister is something so valuable to be treasured.

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Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017 Date in India

1.1 History of Raksha Bandha

Raksha bandhan is believed to be a festival of the Gods. There are many mythological proofs to celebrating this festival. Few say that Yamuna, the sister of lord of death Yama used to tie a sacred thread every Purnima for her brother.

The lord was so impressed by this gesture that he proclaimed that whoever ties this thread will remain immortal. Few believe that the wife of Indra, the lord of heaven tied a sacred thread on his hand before he ventured into a battle in which he claimed victory.

Thus, began the celebration of Raksha Bandhan to celebrate the protection of loved ones. Though there is no authentic proof as to why this festival is celebrated, it is being followed by Indians all over the world to celebrate s very beautiful relationship. Happy Raksha Bandhan 2021 Date in India

1.2 Why is Raksha Bandhan celebrated?
This festival is celebrated to cherish the bond between two siblings. The theme of this great festival is the celebration of love, affection and bond between a brother and his sister.

This festival is mostly celebrated in north India. But it is celebrated with the same enthusiasm all over India. Though it is celebrated in different ways in different part of India, the central theme of this festival remains the same in all the place.

Raksha Bandhan is to celebrate the bond between the brother and sister. Festivals are generally a celebration of togetherness and brotherhood. Raksha Bandhan is also one such festival that celebrates togetherness.

1.3 What are the Rituals and practices followed?

Indian festivals have many rituals and practices involved in it. These traditions and rituals are followed with sincerity. The main tradition followed during Raksha Bandan is to prepare the Pooja thali with all traditional and sacred materials like diyas, chawal, roli and rakhi.

Sisters worship the goddess and perform prayers and then tie the Rakhi for their brothers. They ask the goddess for long life and prosperity of their brothers and wishing them the best in life.

On the other hand, the brothers accept the love of their sisters and accept to protect them from all the things in life. They also promise to stand by them through all the ups and down in life.

Then they gift their sisters with gifts to acknowledge the relationship. Initially brothers used to gift their sisters with cash. Over the years this tradition has changed and people started giving their sisters gifts that they can hold onto in their lives.

1.4 How is the festival celebrated?

From ancient times, this festival is celebrated in the same manner. Thought the lifestyle of people have changed over the years, the tradition of the festival remains the same.

Today the festival is celebrated to acknowledge the divine relationship between the siblings. Family members wake up early and take bath. They then start with all the rituals for the day.

Sometimes the brother and sister may live in far off location and this festival brings them closer. This joyous festival brings together families to celebrate brotherhood and sisterhood.

The family members chant the slogan “Suraj shakhan chhodian, Mooli chhodia beej
Behen ne rakhi bandhi / Bhai tu chir jug jee”, meaning "The sun radiates its sunlight, the radish spreads its seeds, I tie the rakhi to you O brother and wish that may you live long”.

Sisters perform prayers to the God and goddess and then tie the iron strong sacred thread for their brothers placing a mixture of roli and rice on their forehead.

After her prayer for a long life for her brother, she says that she is tying the ever-protective Raksha to her brother's wrist and chants:"Yena baddho Balee raajaa daanavendro mahaabalah tena twaam anubadhnaami rakshe maa chala maa chala” meaning “I tie you the rakhi that was tied to king Bali, the king of Demons Rakhi I pray that you never falter in protecting your devotee”.

They pray to God to bless their brothers with health, peace, prosperity and happiness. Sisters give their brother gifts and blessings. The brothers on the other hand acknowledge this love and gift their sisters with gifts and promise to take care of them all throughout their life.

The return gift is given as a token of love by the brother. There are many historical evidences related to this festival, where the theme and concept of the festival remains the same.

1.5 Modern day celebration of Raksha Bandhan?

After all the rituals comes the celebration part. Raksha bandhan brings together the whole community, showing a sense of togetherness. Tasty dishes, sweets and savouries are cooked and exchanged on this day.

Family members exchange gifts with other well-wishers, relatives and friends. Family members get together, feast and party with so much fun and excitement.

For those who are unable to visit one another, rakhi cards, e-rakhis and rakhis through mails have become the mode of holding on to the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood.

It helps to share the unconditional love between siblings. Handmade rakhis and self-made rakhi cards are just a representation of the personal feelings of the sister shown towards her brother.

Wishing all the brothers and sisters a wonderful Raksha Bandan!

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2021 Date in India

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