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  • कोई तावीज़ ऐसा दो की मैं चालाक हो जाऊं, बहुत नुक्सान देती है मुझे ये सादगी मेरी
  • बारिशों की बूंदों से भी. कभी बातें किया करो. छत्रिओं को कभी कभी. घर पर रख दिया करो.
  • Some people put the price tag on you while some value you. <3
  • You are the person who makes me nervous and calm at the same time <3
  • Love: A chemical locha that spares no one, hits like none!  <3

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Rain Status for Whatsapp in Hindi: 100+ Rain Whatsapp Status

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Royal Attitude Status in Hindi (Nawabi, Rajput, Rajputana, Family, Rajwadi)

Royal Attitude Status in Hindi - This collection is for those who are 'Royal' such type of status will help you to show your attitude to the world. You will get all royal status at one place in Hindi. I'm hoping you love the same.

Love Status in Hindi: 100+ Love Whatsapp Status in Hindi {Heart Heal}

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Sad Status in Hindi: 100+ Sad Whatsapp Status in Hindi {Share Feelings}

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Angry Status in Hindi: 100+ Angry Whatsapp Status in Hindi {Feel Better!}

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[100+] Feeling Alone Status in Hindi, Alone Whatsapp Status in Hindi

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