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PNR Status IRCTC, Train PNR Status, PNR Status Enquiry

PNR Status: Today we will teach you how to check PNR Status Online. We have created this article to guide you. Bookmark this page for latest updated information about the PNR Status. And prediction of the current status and live PNR status just by checking or PNR enquiry.

What Is PNR Status / IRCTC PNR Status?

PNR or Passenger Name Record in the travel and airlines industry is a record in the database of the reservation system that includes the personal information of the passenger.

PNR Status

PNR Status

Enter your PNR number to check the status from the Official website by the Government. Since it will redirect you to the main website.
The PNR status of a train or a flight is the information about the PNR. The PNR points to a record in the database that consists of all the details about the journey. These details include:

  • Name of the passenger
  • Details of the ticket (Train No, From, To, Date, Boarding Station, Quota, Class, Birth, Reservation Up to)
  • Details of the transaction (ID of transaction, mode of payment and ticket charge)

The PNR Number lasts for a period of 9 months and after that it is automatically flushed out. After one year, the same PNR number can be used again.

How is PNR Generated?

In context with the Indian Railways, the PNR number is made up of 10 digits. Let’s have a look at what the PNR number means.
First 3 digits
The first 3 digits of the PNS number point to the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) from which the ticket was booked. They tell us from which PRS the ticket has been booked. The 1st digit does not depend on the PRS from which the ticket is booked. On the contrary to what you may think, it actually represents the Zone of the train with respect to its starting point. The next 2 digits state the exact PRS from which the ticket has been booked. 
Last 7 digits
The last 7 digits of the PNR number are random and do not hold any information.

Where is the PNR Number Printed On The Ticket?

If we talk about the Indian railway PNR status, it is always found on the top left corner of the ticket. 

How is PNR Status Checked? 10 Digital PNR Number)

In order to check the IRCTC PNR status, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:
Visit the official website of IRCTC by clicking here
Once you have opened the website, select the PNR status option.
You will see a blank dialog box Enter PNR Number at the right-hand side section of the screen.
Enter the PNR number in that dialog box. You will find your PNR number on the top left corner of your ticket.
Once you will enter the PNR number, you will get all the details of your journey like the train number, From, To, Date, Boarding Station, Quota, Class, Birth, and Reservation Up to.

Enquire PNR Status Via Online Websites

There are many websites, which help the people in doing the PNR status enquiry in a hassle-free manner. All you need to do is enter the keywords “PNR status live” in the search engine and you will get a list of all the websites that will help you in knowing the PNR status of your train.

In case you do not trust third-party websites and want to know the PNR status from the official website of Indian Railways, then click here

How is Current Reservation Status Checked Using SMS?

When you are travelling in India by train, at times you may find that your ticket is in the waitlist. This is every common at the time of holidays and festivals. In such a case, you will need to confirm whether your ticket is confirmed or not. This is where PNR status comes into scenario. The PNR status enables you to check the status of your reservation in the ticket booking waitlist.

If you wish to check the PNR Status via SMS, you can get it by sending an SMS in one of the below-mentioned formats:
Send your PNR number to ‘139’.
Send your PNR number to ‘5676747’

The correct format to send the PNR status SMS is Send your 10-digit PNR number without any spaces and send it to one of the above-mentioned numbers.

PNR Status Enquiry Using Mobile Applications

With the increased usage of mobile and tab users, most of the people like to check the PNR status live with the help of mobile applications. If you are also among such users, then we are here to help you out-

Android Mobile Users
If you are using an Android mobile phone, then you can download an application like PNR Status from Google Play Store. Once you download this application, you can easily check your PNR status without doing any searches online.

iPhone Users
If you are an iPhone user, then applications like Indian Railway IRCTC PNR Status are available at iTunes. You can download one such application and check the train PNR status of your reservation.
Know Your PNR Status from Railway Enquiry Counters

If you want to get the PNR status from Indian railway stations’ enquiry counter, then you can visit the nearest railway station and with the help of the PNR number printed on your ticket, get the exact status of your reservation.

How are Final Reservation Charts Prepared?

After a recent change in the policies of the Indian Railways, two reservation charts are prepared before a train departs from a station. In case it is a morning train, the first chart is prepared 4 hours before a train departs from the source station.

In case the departure time of the train is between 4 am to 11 am, the first reservation chart is prepared on the previous day before 8 pm.

The final reservation chart is prepared 30 minutes prior to the departure of a train from the source destination.

Indian Railways Tickets

In the Indian Railways, 2 kinds of ticket can be booked:

1. Counter-Ticket
As the name suggests, the counter-tickets are physically booked at the counters present at the Indian Railway stations.

2. E-Ticket
e-Ticket or Electronic Tickets are booked online. Right from selecting the train to doing the payment, everything is done online.

Types of Trains in the Indian Railway System

The Indian Railways is one of the largest railway networks in the world. In this section, we will focus on the different types of Indian Railway Trains-

The tramway system is still functional in Kolkata and is the only operating tram network in India.

Suburban Rail
The suburban rail system includes the trains that exclusively run in the inner suburban railway lines and are a major means of public transport. The most popular suburban rail system is Mumbai Suburban Railway.

Metro Trains
Metro trains are a rapid mode of transport and Delhi Metro was the first modern metro of India.

A monorail system consists of a single rail that is elevated up to a certain height. The best example of this is the Mumbai monorail.

Toy Train
The toy trains in the mountains of India have become UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the toy trains that run in the mountain areas are Nilgiri Mountain, Darjeeling Himalayan railway, etc.

Luxury Trains
Luxury trains are specially designed for providing an elegant train ride to the tourists who need to visit the heritage sites in India. Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, and Golden Chariot are the 5 luxury trains of India.

Goods Trains
The trains, which carry goods from one part of India to the other parts as well to the neighboring countries, are termed as goods trains.

Passenger Trains 
The trains that are used by people for travelling from destination to the other are known as passenger trains.

Types of Waitlist Tickets & Their Confirmation Priority in the Indian Railways:

TQWL (Tatkal Quota Waiting List)
The Tatkal waiting list consists of the tickets that are booked one day prior to the day the journey has to start. In case the Tatkal ticket moves up, it gets directly confirmed and does not need to go through the RAC status. However, while the chart is prepared, the GNWL is given more priority over the TQWL.

NWL (General Waiting List)
GNWL or General Waiting List includes the list of passengers who begin their journey from the originating station of a particular route. This is one of the most common waiting list and has the highest chances of getting confirmed.

RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List)
The RLWL consists of the tickets that are issued to the people for the intermediate stations between the originating and the destination stations. It has a separate priority and are only confirmed in case a confirmed ticket is cancelled.

TQWL (Tatkal Quota Waiting List)
The Tatkal waiting list consists of the tickets that are booked one day prior to the day the journey has to start. In case the Tatkal ticket moves up, it gets directly confirmed and does not need to go through the RAC status. However, while the chart is prepared, the GNWL is given more priority over the TQWL.

PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List)
This list is shared by numerous small stations. There exists only 1 Pooled quota for the entire journey of the train. It generally includes passengers who travel from the originating station to a station before the destination station, a train from an intermediate to the destination station or for between 2 intermediate stations.

RLGN (Remote Location General Waiting List)
This is issued when a person books the ticket where the WL quota is the RLWL. After the booking is done, the RLWL is renamed as RLGN.

RSWL (Roadside Station Waiting List)
The waiting list includes those tickets, which are alotted when the seats are booked from the originating station to a roadside station. This waiting list has a very less chance of getting confirmed.

RQWL (Request Waiting List)
In case a ticket is booked from one intermediate station to the other and is not covered by general, remote, or pooled quota, the request goes to the RQWL.


You can check the refund status of your ticket at the official refund website of the Indian Railways-

To know the rules and regulations of getting refund from the Indian Railways, click

Airline PNR Status

Similar to the PNR status of the trains of the Indian Railway System, you can also check the PNR status of your flight easily. There are various third-party websites, which enable you to check the PNR status of all the leading Airlines. However, if you want to check the PNR status from the official website of the Airline, you have to visit the website for doing so.

For instance if you want to know the Indigo PNR Status, you can visit the official website of Indigo You can get to know your flight status by selecting the Flight Status option and then entering your PNR number.

Indian Railways Acronyms and Abbreviations

Accommodation for Reservation Class
1A - First class Air-conditioned (also Executive Class)
2A - Air-conditioned 2-tier sleeper
FC - First Class
3A - Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper
CC - Air-conditioned chair car
SL - Sleeper class
2S - Second-class Sitting
Short Form Printed On the Reservation Tickets
GN - General
LD - Ladies
HO - Headquarter Quota
DF - Defence
RC - (RAC) Reservation against Cancellation
OS - Out-station
RS - Road-side
PH - Parliament House
FT - Foreign Tourist
DP - Duty Pass
HP - Handicapped
Waiting List Abbreviations 
TQWL - Tatkal Quota Waiting List
NWL - General Waiting List
RLWL - Remote Location Waiting List
TQWL - Tatkal Quota Waiting List
PQWL - Pooled Quota Waiting List
RLGN - Remote Location General Waiting List
RSWL - Roadside Station Waiting List
RQWL - Request Waiting List

About Indian Railways

The Indian Railways is a railway company owned by the State and is mainly responsible for the rain transport in the country. Government of India owns and operates the Indian Railways through the Ministry of Railways. It is the 4th largest railway network in the world consisting of 119,630 km of track. By the end of year 2016, the Indian Railways had 7,216 stations. It has an annual freight of 1.101 billion tons. 
Introduced in the year 1830 for fright purposes, the Indian Railways’ first train ran in the year 1853 from Bombay to Thane. It operates both the long distance rail systems as well as suburban rail systems. If we talk about the employment, it is the 8th biggest employer in the world and in the year 2015-2016 had around 1.331 million employees. That's all about the PNR Status :)

When planning a train journey with the Indian Railway through IRCTC, the first step is to book a train ticket, either for a reservation against cancellation or a confirmed seat. Upon booking, passengers receive a 10-digit PNR number, a unique Passenger Name Record that holds all details of the train ticket and reservation status. To check the current status of your train ticket, you can enter your 10-digit PNR number on the IRCTC website, or use the PNR status check feature available on various railway information systems, including the Centre of Railway Information Systems.

Live PNR status, PNR status online, and IRCTC PNR status services allow passengers to check their booking status, reservation status, and ticket status, offering predictions about whether tickets are confirmed. By entering the PNR number in the search field, you can also check the PNR, make a PNR enquiry, and even view live train status to stay updated about your train journey. The system provides a PNR status enquiry and PNR status prediction, helping passengers to know the current PNR status and if their ticket is confirmed before they board the train.

Railway PNR status and Indian railway PNR services are essential for travelers to ensure their train ticket booking is secure and to keep informed about the status of their train, reservation details, and the current PNR status. So, always remember to check your PNR status live, utilize the PNR status online service, and enter your PNR number to stay updated on the reservation status and details of the train, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free train journey.

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