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WhatsApp Web for PC and How to Use It? [2020]

WhatsApp Web is a variant of WhatsApp Messenger that was made available to access WhatsApp on web. In the year 2015, an official announcement was made in context with the WhatsApp web app which stated that it was an extension of the WhatsApp for phone that could be easily accessed on any email client.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web without phone is a mirror image of the WhatsApp messenger that is installed in a mobile device. This does not mean that the messages that appear on the WhatsApp web will disappear from the mobile versions.

Both the platform will display the same messages. One thing that is mandatory for WhatsApp web login is the fact that the mobile device should remain connected with the internet connection at all times.

In case the connection breaks off, the WhatsApp Web will also be disconnected from the PC or laptop of the users. WhatsApp web is supported in all the major web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

MS Internet Explorer is the only browser that does not support WhatsApp Web. When it comes to the interface of the web version, it is similar to the default Android version of WhatsApp Messenger.
By year 2015, the users that had Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone could use the WhatsApp Web. The WhatsApp web for iPhone was not introduced till then. Later on it was supported in iOS as well as Nokia S60 and Nokia Series 40 as well.

How to Use WhatsApp on Web?

If you already been using WhatsApp in your Android or iOS phone and want to know the procedure of using WhatsApp on web, then in this section we will help you in understanding this. Follow the below-mentioned steps for WhatsApp Web login from your PC:

  1. Open web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla.
  2. In the search bar, type WhatsApp Web.
  3. You will see the WhatsApp QR code being displayed on your screen.
  4. Now open the WhatsApp messenger app installed in your phone.
  5. If you have a Microsoft or Android phone, select the Menu option present on the right side. 
  6. Select the WhatsApp Web option from the drop-down menu.
  7. Scan the QR code of WhatsApp Web with your phone.

That’s it. You will get a mirror image of the WhatsApp Messenger installed in your phone.
Now you can easily send and receive messages to the other WhatsApp users no matter if they are using WhatsApp on the phone or WhatsApp web on their laptop or PC. 

Features of WhatsApp Web Messenger


WhatsApp Web comes with a lot of features that ensure you have a great experience using it:

Chatting without using phone
WhatsApp Web is the best way to do chatting with your friends and family right on your laptop or PC. At times, we get so busy in our work that WhatsApp messages go unnoticed.
In such a scenario, having WhatsApp Web on the system ensures that we are always aware of the messages that we are receiving. On top of that, you can easily share documents and website links while working on your PC.

Easily Message in Groups

Since WhatsApp Web is a replica of the WhatsApp present on your phone, all the message groups as well as contacts are also visible on it. You can easily chat, share images, videos and other media in your groups without even touching your phone. 

Highly Secured Messaging

WhatsApp Web is highly secured and the entire data that is exchanged between the people always remains secured and cannot be accessed by a third-party.

Platform Independent 
The WhatsApp Web is platform independent i.e. it can easily be used on any web browser except Microsoft Internet Explorer. Apart from that, it can be accessed on any web browser easily. 

Limitations of WhatsApp Web

While there are many perks of using WhatsApp Web, there are also some limitations associated with it. Let’s have a look at some of them:

No Voice / Video Call
If you are using WhatsApp Web, you cannot make any video or voice call to the other WhatsApp users. For doing so, you will have to make use of the app installed in your phone.

No Location Sharing 
Another limitation that comes with WhatsApp Web is that you cannot share your location with your friends as you do with your WhatsApp Messenger installed in your phone. 

Mobile Device Should Always Remain Connected to Internet
In order to smoothly use WhatsApp Web, you will have to ensure that your mobile device always has an internet connection. In case the connection is disrupted, you will not be able to access WhatsApp Web until the connection resumes.

Common FAQs


How can I scan the QR Code of WhatsApp web?
Ans:Scanning the QR code of WhatsApp web is very easy. You just need to open the QR code scanner present in the WhatsApp messenger of your phone, place it in front of the QR code. The scanner will automatically scan the QR code. 

How to use WhatsApp web without scanning QR code?
Ans: There is no option for using WhatsApp Web without scanning the QR code. Since scanning the QR code is the first step of accessing WhatsApp Web, without it you will not be able to open WhatsApp Web.

How to connect WhatsApp web?
Ans: Connecting WhatsApp Web is very simple. All you need to do is open WhatsApp Web on your PC/Laptop, scan the QR code present on the screen with your WhatsApp installed in your phone.
Once the code is scanned, you can easily access WhatsApp web.

What to scan for WhatsApp web?
Ans:A QR Code that is visible on the PC screen needs to be scanned by the mobile device of the user in order to connect to WhatsApp Web.

How can I download WhatsApp web APK? 
Ans: WhatsApp Web apk cannot be downloaded as the WhatsApp Web is made available via web browsers and cannot be installed in the user system.

Can I do WhatsApp web video call? 
Ans: No, you cannot do WhatsApp Web video call as this feature is not yet offered by it. However, you can easily make a video call with the WhatsApp messenger installed on your phone.

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