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Happy Children's Day in India Date 2020 | Nehru - 14 November

Happy Children's Day in India Date 2020 Children’s day is celebrated across the globe on different dates. On this day, various programs are arranged by teachers in schools in order to entertain the children. There are different ways followed to celebrate this special day in different countries.

In some countries a special date is meant to celebrate the Children’s day based on some big events that took place in the past of that country, or in some of the countries the Children’s day is celebrated on some important personalities’ day of birth.

First of Children’s Day 2019
The first ever Children’s day in the world was started in the year 1956 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. The person behind starting this tradition was reverend Dr. Charles Leonard, the rector of the Universalist Church in Chelsea. He named the day as Rose Day, which was later on named as Flower Sunday, the reason being that the day on which this Children’s day was started was a Sunday.

Children’s day in India 2019
In India, the Children’s day is celebrated on 14th of November. 14th November is the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. He was the first ever Prime Minister of the independent India. He was very much fond of children and used to spend much of his free time with them in spite of being such an important personality.

As he had utmost affection towards children, his birthday was decided to be celebrated as the Children’s day all over India. Pt. Nehru always liked to be with children. He used to play with them and also used to talk to them. Even children loved to see him and used to call him Chacha Nehru with great respect and love. Children used to gift Chacha Nehru with red roses whenever he met them, because the red roses were his most favorite ones.

About Pt. Nehru
Pt. Nehru was born on the 14th of November, 1889 in Allahabad to an esteemed barrister, Mr. Motilal Nehru and Sawroop Rani. Being very impressively intelligent he was named as Jawaharlal. After the completion of his primary education, he was sent to England for his further high school studies.

He had studied law over there, and after the completion of it he returned back to his motherland, India. He was immensely passionate for his country and due this strong affection, with extreme devotion he took great steps in achieving independence for India under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi.

When India accomplished freedom in August 1947, Pt. Nehru became the nation’s first Prime Minister. India observed a great progress, prosperity and gained a high level of reputation due the leadership and vision Chacha Nehru had for his nation.

Chacha Nehru believed that today’s youngsters are building blocks of the future of the nation. After India was declared independent, he worked for the welfare of the children and youngsters to an extraordinary extent. All what he wanted is proper education of each and every child and his/her progress.

Chacha Nehru had laid down many educational organizations such as: 
Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), 
Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), 
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), etc.

Children’s Day celebration in India
As the Children’s day in India is remembered to be Chacha Nehru’s birth anniversary, people assemble at his cremation place in order to pay homage to him in his remembrance as he was one of the greatest of the leaders and a freedom fighter.

Inspired by his contribution towards the independence of India, people place wreaths at his Samadhi. The Indian Government Officials such as the President of India, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Ministers and the other top level officials pay a visit in order to pay homage to Pt. Nehru.

In remembrance of this great personality, children chant prayers and hymns in order to pay respect to their beloved Chacha Nehru. They also sing patriotic songs remembering his sacrifices, contribution towards the nation’s freedom, extreme affection he had towards the motherland and many more things.

Different ways of celebration:
Children’s day in India is celebrated in many different ways. In schools the staff arranges various entertaining programs like plays, dance, fun fairs and many more to say. The plays arranged are sometimes based on the life of Chacha Nehru as the day is remarked as his birthday.

Some schools arrange humorous skits which are enjoyed by both, the children and the teachers participating in it as well. Some schools are seen organizing a speech by important delegates of the respective cities. The speeches consist of topics based on the life of Chacha Nehru, and of some motivational topics as well.

As children are very much fond of chocolates and it sets them out of control whenever they see it, their teachers gift them with the same which makes them to have a smile on their face and makes them feel completed. On this very special day for the tiny tots, they are allowed to wear casual attires instead of their school uniforms. This makes them feel super-happy as the different colored attires attract them very much.

On this day, many families with their kids move out for an outing at a park, or some game zones, some even go out and celebrate at hotels or where some special functions are being organised for the entertainment of children.

To do charity at orphanages
Some people on this day like to do charity at orphanages and also move forward to celebrate this day with the kids that stay on streets. Some move way out of humanity and celebrate the Children’s day in villages and gift the children living there with many gifts and sweets. Some gift them with books to read, clothes to wear, games to play with, etc. This kind of generosity by the people makes the children and their parents feel like heaven.

A lot of happiness and joy on children’s face
This day brings a lot of happiness and joy on children’s face; after all it is the day on which they feel to be the most special ones. Children are the glowing buds which should never fade away, should be kept glowing all the way as they’re the building blocks of the nation as said by our beloved Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru; a.k.a. Chacha Nehru.

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