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Happy Kali Puja Date in India 2020 Pandal, Mantra, Kolkata

Happy Kali Puja Date in India 2020: Kali is a Hindu Godhead, and is the fiery form of the final Being Shakti, as per Hindu myths. Kali means the gift of time, and the color black. This Godhead Kali is typical of saving as well as bane, the bomber of the dark punch in the universe, and the pinch of time.
Happy Kali Puja Date in India 2017 Pandal, Mantra, Kolkata

Happy Kali Puja Date in India 2020 Pandal, Mantra, Kolkata

In West Bengal, Godhead Kali is honored as a Mother, and public address her as Ma. Even in her most fiery forms, Godhead Kali is a mark of grace, and like a correct mother, Godhead Kali is always ready to rouse herself to save her children. Bengalis all across the world worship this embodiment of Godhead Kali with great worship.

The Legend
As per Hindu myths, Shumbh and Nishumbh were two very passion, demons who stated war on earth and all devas staying in heaven. The power supreme even across Indraloka, the whole of Indra. The devas took preserve on Kailash, the whole of Lord Shiva and his friend Parvati.

They beseeched Godhead Shakti to assist them feet the demons. Godhead Shakti thus took the form of Kali and razed the demons. She kept Heavens and earth from the evil clutches of Shumbh and Nishumbh.

The Forms of the Godhead Respected in Bengal during Kali Puja
In Bengal during Kali Puja, the Godhead is respected in several forms. While a bit are, the more folk embodiments of the 108 forms of the fiery Godhead as per the scriptures, there are a bit new side like the one Jwalanto Kali or Burning Kali, or the Mohun Bagan Football team’s side of the Godhead in the team’s mark purple and green colors.

Why Bengalis Do, Kali Puja On Diwali?
On the day of Diwali, when the half of the nation will be busy keeping Diwali, Bengal along with a bit parts of Assam and Orissa will fete Kali Puja. This difference in Indian culture is truly mind boggling.

On one hand, we have the Feast of Lights, Diwali. On the other hand, public respect the Dark Mother, Kali.

History of Kali Puja 
You may not be alert of the dope that most of the Puja in Hinduism are not based on the Vedas. They are based on individual folks. Bal Gangadhar Tilak evoked the Ganapati feast in Maharashtra to foster zealotry and it has been a trick ever since.

In an akin way, Raja Krishnachandra who was the king of Navadipa evoked this Bengali Puja of Mahakali in the 18th century. As this Puja was firstly under the patronage of the plush and important, it suffered on a grand scale.

The lore of Mahakali
There is ever mythical story to tell our rituals or Pujas. Once consequent to a time, two asuras, Sumbho and Nishumbho bothered the Earth and the Heaven. Thus the gods asked to Godhead Durga who is the always Shakti of the Universe.

To lip their graces, Kali was inborn from the front of Durga. Kali connected the errant asuras with a 'Khara' which is loving of awry sword in her hand. Once she evoked slaying the asuras, her thirst for blood was alerted. She made a crown of the heads of dead asuras and wore over her neck.

Then she evoked slaying all who came in her way. To quiet her storm, Shiva secular in her path. When she paces on her husband in her rise, she fast her tongue out in pang. Her rise ended at that time and that is why she is pictured with her tongue fast out and her foot on Shiva.

The sooty Mother
To the newcomer, Kali might seem such a very fiery and fearsome godhead. But for her buffs, she is the sooty mother. Although she is a Tantrik godhead revered, public reveres her at home. Kali Puja recurs at midnight on the Amavasya or no moon night of Kartik Maas.

She is such an all robust mother who shall rise to save her children against evil. Prior she was revered to get guard and control in war. Now she has started to skip droughts, floods and other typical calamities.

Kali Puja Acceptation
Kali Puja is a formality reverie of Godhead Durga's foremost avatar, Godhead Kali. Implement on the night of Kartik Amavasya in the Hindu month of Ashwin admitting to the Bengali calendar, Kali Puja befall with another preferred Hindu feast called Deepawali in the month of October or November; a few days after the Durga Puja fete.

Though mostly popular in the states of West Bengal, Orissa, and Assam; it is popular in other parts of the country as well. However, it wasn't till the prior 18th century that Kali Puja began to be popular.

It's thought that Maharaja Krishnachandra of Navadvipa evoked the first of the act and then ordered public in his domain to pursue the suit.

The folk of annual Kali Puja was taken forth by his grandson Ishwarchandra and the super class of the Bengal of that time.

Celebration in Bengal
The feast Kali Puja or Shyama Puja is specifically fete in the states West Bengal specifically in Kolkata, Barasat and Madhyamgram, on the month of Ashwin admitting to Bengali calendar which fall the month of October or November.

While public of all across India fete Diwali, reveres to the godhead Lakshmi than Bengalis, Oriyas and Assamese revere to Maa Kali.

It is thought that Maharaja Krishnan Chandra of Nawadweep was the first to fete Kali Puja in his space. Kali Puja is a major feast for the public of Bengal after Durga Puja. Public of West Bengal and a bit other states fete this feast as like Diwali of other states.

They prank their house and drawing Rangoli or Alpana in front of Ma Kali. Kali Puja is trotted out late in the night.

The rituals
The rituals of Kali Puja are very evident and light. Exact cooking or training is not needed to pacify Ma Kali. Even 'soma ras' or bright wine is tender as a 'bhog' to Ma Kali.

The main Puja evoke at midnight and reaches till dawn. Ma Kali is revered amidst the breaking of crackers and act of fireworks.

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