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Happy Teachers Day Essay in English 2020 for Kids

Happy Teachers Day Essay in English 2020 for Kids: This collection is with very Short Paragraph Essay on Teachers Day in English. Now you can share Essay on Teachers Day Celebration in School.

Happy Teachers Day Essay in English

1. It is said that nothing is there to compare from the teaching profession. It is the noblest profession in the world. 5th of September has been dedicated to the teaching profession by celebrating this day as teachers day all through India. It is celebrated every year commemorate the birth anniversary of earlier India president, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan as well as pay honour to the teachers.

2. Teachers day is now one of the occasions that is looked forward by the teachers and students alike as on this occasion its not only when teachers are praised but also around various schools students dress up as a representation of their teachers and take various lectures that are assigned to the teachers they represent. As the day passes the students perform the regular activities that are performed by the teachers. On this day students realize what it means to be a teacher and what it means to control the future of several students in their classes and also teachers are reminded what it felt like when they were the students.

3. In India, 5th September is celebrated as teaches day as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by teachers to the society. 5th September is the birthday of a great teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was a staunch believer of education, and was the well-known diplomat, scholar, President of India and above all a teacher. When Dr. Radhakrishnan became the President of India in 1962, he was approached by some of his students and friends and requested him to allow them to celebrate 5th September, his birthday. In reply, Dr. Radhakrishnan said, "Instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers day.

4. Teacher’s day is celebrated to express our gratitude and appreciate the hard work of our teachers. Teacher’s day in India is observed on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan that falls on 5th of September every year. This great son of India was a teacher and later he became the vice-president of Indian republic. On the death of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan became the president.

5. We, the students, are very proud to pay our respect to that great teacher-president on this day. We pay our respect to our own teachers as well. Our teachers inspire us the same way as Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan inspired his students. They love us and are always anxious to help us.

6. Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was a great teacher who had spent around fourty years of his life in the teaching profession. He was well known about all the rolls and contribution of the teachers in student’s life. So he was the first person who thought about teachers and requested his birthday means 5th of September to be celebrated as the teachers day every year. He was born on 5th of September in 1888 and started his career as a philosophy teacher by entering to the teaching at his twenty one at presidency college, Chennai 1909.

7. Another way in which lady Macbeth manipulates her husband is by questioning his manhood. She insists: When you durst do it, then you were a man. Macbeth is a proud soldier in a culture where men are defined by their courage and masculinity. By challenging his manhood, Lady Macbeth is in effect questioning his professional and social status. Furthermore, the slur becomes all the more effective, coming as it does from the one person who should surely be a source of admiration and tenderness rather than humiliation. It is clear that Lady Macbeth’s affection are conditional and unless he meets her expectations, she will continue to deny his role as a protector and husband.

8. Teachers are like real potters who not only give our life a shape, but also enable to light like lamp forever after dispelling the darkness from all across the world. So that our nation can be enlightened with lots of bright lamps. Therefore, the nation pays homage and respect to all the teachers in the country. We can nothing give our teachers in return to their great job however, we should respect them always and say thanks. We should take a pledge to heartily respect and honor our teachers in our daily lives as without a good teacher we all are incomplete in this world.

9. We first we just want to wish you all a happy teachers day to all of who present here and who are listing me. Now you should put emphasize on the day when teacher’s day celebrated. We just want to tell you that teacher’s day is celebrated in all over India on 5th September and we celebrate this date every year. But the day to celebrate this occasion my very depending upon the country you reside. Every year has the specific date to celebrate teacher’s day which is celebrated in all over the nation successfully. All over the world celebrates this day but in India it is celebrated in 5th September.

10. Teachers are the real holder of knowledge, enlightenment and prosperity using which they nourish and prepare us for our life. They serve as source of lighting lamp in our lives. It is our teachers who stand behind our success. Out teachers too have lots of daily routine problems just like us and our parents but they always keep their teaching profession at top and attend school or colleges to complete their job responsibilities. Nobody say that thanks for their priceless job. So, we as students have some responsibility towards our teachers at least we can say them thanks once a year.

11. After completing his M.A., Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, accepted an assistant lectureship at the madras presidency college in 1909. In college, he mastered the classics of Hindu philosophy, namely the upanishads, bhagvad gita, brahmasutra, and commentaries of sankara, remunerate and madhva. He also acquainted himself with Buddhist and Jain philosophy and philosophies of Western thinkers. In 1918, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was selected professor of philosophy by the University of Mysore. In 1921, Radhakrishnan was nominated as professor of philosophy at the Calcutta University. In 1923, Dr. Radhakrishnan’s book Indian philosophy was published. The book was held as a philosophical classic and literary masterpiece.

12. A good teacher is the one who has always help everyone to get the true knowledge and learning and one who always stands by our side when students have some problems. Thank you so much teacher and wish you happy teacher’s day. My dearest teacher we want to thank you and would you like to say that you mean more than a teacher, you are like a friend a guide to us. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for helping us to find and prosperity in our life.

13. A very good morning to the Principal respected teachers and my dear colleagues we are here today to celebrate a most honourable occasion of teacher’s day. Really it is an honorable occasion to all the students all over the India. It is observed every year to pay respect to the teachers from their obedient students. So, dear friends come on and join this celebration to pay a heartily respect to our own teachers. They are called as the back bone of our society because they highly contribute in building up our characters, shaping our future and help us to be ideal citizens of the country. Teacher’s day is celebrated all across the India every year on 5th of September to pay tribute to the teachers for their precious contribution in our study as well as towards the society and country.

14. Blue is for your patience. Green is for the inspiration you give me each day. Yellow is for the way you always make me smile. Orange is for your warmth and caring style. Red is for my life that you have touched this year. You place knowledge in my hands that melt into my heart and live forever! You are a magnificent and marvelous teacher! Thank you for being my M and M.

15. The teachers inspire us to proceed forward, to build our ethics and prepare us to withstand obstacles of our life. The teacher also imparts immense knowledge and wisdom in our lives. On this day, teachers are honored through various functions and these functions are celebrated at every place throughout the country. The government also pays respect to them by giving different awards. On this day we give them thanks and honour them by saying, we are grateful to you dear teachers for all you do for us. I request every student to follow the advice of teachers and promise to be the ideal and worthy men of India.

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