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Happy Muharram Festival Date in India 2020 Holiday History, Wiki

Happy Muharram Festival Date in India 2020: Muslims and their community are people who strictly follow and practice Islam and it's rules. ‘ Muslim’ word is taken from a word of Arabic which means “one who submits” in the reference to God ( in case of Islam and Muslim community).

Islam is an Abrahamic religion which is quiet monotheistic. Their holy book followed by them is called Quran. Quran is believed to have directed words of their god 'Allah' which are completely relieved to God’s messenger Mohammed and Islamic prophets.

Their majority of Muslim population follow Muhammad’s (PBUH) practices and his teaching which all are observed and recorded in their account called Hadith.

“ Islam religion believes in the meaning of having and making one’s religion and have heart files with faith on god’s alone” which is completely followed by Muslims who are fully dedicated towards his worship.

Festivals celebrated by Islamic religion followers are id, Ramadan, Muharram also called ashura, hijra that is Islamic new year etc. Amongst them Ramadan and Muharram has the most important significant in their history as well as religious beliefs.

Muharram festival is one amongst the Muslim community and is celebrated during time period of September and October month all around the world by every Muslim community and people following Islamic religion. It is one of the sacred time of the month in their year according to Muslim religion along with Zulhijjah, Zulqadah and Rajab are other amongst the three sacred Muslim year month.

Muharram month is around 28 days based on islamic lunar calendar. Both Muslim communities Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims have different links to Muharram and celebration tradition.

 Islamic followers are widely spread in entire world, several countries do have major of their population as Muslims  only,  that is why Muharram is a very famous festival ritual worldwide.

When is its celebration takes place?
According to Quran Allah stated that this period of Muharram as holy period after Ramadan. Meaning of word Muharram is forbidden which means  excluded from something, some work, usage etc. In Islam religion any fight is to be strictly avoided by its follower and their community. By some other Muslim community any celebration is also avoided by them as this period is considered to be mourning period.

Dates or time of month’s start and end could vary according to different places. According to Muslim’s Islamic calendar which is  also known as lunar calendar it is mentioned that their first month of new year is called Muharram. The day 10th day is marked as a national holiday for marking Islamic day new year.

Lunar calendar is shorter as compared to solar calendar by 11 to 12 days. Islamic calendar also varies from Gregorian  which is the one followed by the most part of India.

First ten day in the month of Muharram are considered as mourning period in Islam, Islam followers gather in their mosque or in holy gathering place where they mourn together for their community leader and prophets. Most enthusiastic day of Muharram is its tenth day, it is the most significant day for every Muslim which they celebrate with a very high enthusiasm amongst them. The reason behind tenth day of Muharram is different for different Muslim community in respect of various reasons.

According to the Islamic Shia Muslim community, they celebrate the day to remember Hussain lbn Ali and mourn for his death. In Islamic religion, Hussain lbn Ali was a very famous personality for Muslims and was recognised as one amongst the Muhammad’s household family member. It is believed that once he ( Hussain lbn Ali) refused to obey and follow rules of Islam given by Yazid and began to revolt against him. This incident gave birth to a famous battle called Karbalan, during Karbalan his family got imprisoned as lifelong punishment in Damascus and he was brutally beheaded.

On the other hand Sunni Muslims which is another Muslim community of islam celebrate tenth day of Muharram to remember and celebrate the Moses victory over Egyptian pharaoh. Moses was a leader of Islam religion who is an active Muslim for propagating his Islamic religion and used to teach Islam all over the world.

Celebration of Muharram
The way both communities celebrate this day is quite identical, the only difference is that Shia Muslim do fasting for the day. They sometimes celebrate by flagellation using rods and sticks along with one month long fast for commemorative believe of suffering experienced by the Hussain lbn Ali during his fight to Yazid. Other community Sunni Muslim fast either after or before as extra day, this ritual is followed according to Muhammad Prophet.

From 1st day of Muharram month to the next 10 days mourning ritual comes to the end with the approaching of Ashura. Every person of Islamic religion cover up themselves in black clothes all over from head to toe, according to their religion black is the colour of mourning. Their is a very strict rule to avoid any happy function, celebration or entertainment in their families, friends etc.

All these sorts includes weddings, birthday party, and other celebration too. In those nine days of Muharram Islamic assemblies also known as Majalis are held. Some followers beat themselves up in front of public as a mourning process.

During procession chanting of “Ya Hussain” is done in a very loud and strong voice for expressing feeling of deep mourning and remembering Hussain’s sacrifices. An incredible ritual of decorating a white horse in a very beautiful and attractive manner is done and it is believed to bring memories of Hussain’s empty mount back.

They pray to Allah and set up their stalls over the road by every Muslim follower for praying and expressing mourn after which water and juices are freely served to every person present.

Ashura and its significance in Islam
10th day of Muharram is termed as Ashura. This day has a significant meaning for Shia Muslims. The month of Muharram and Shia meditation is a well known synonym with Ashura. This day’s significance is to mourn for Hussain’s murder who was Muhammad’s grandson.

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