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Top 100 Heartless Status for Whatsapp in English 2020 (FB Heartless Status)

Heartless Status for Whatsapp in English: You Can Share Such Hurt Facebook Status On Your Facebook Account. Just Share The New FB Heartless Status, Best Heartless Status for Whatsapp, Heartless Status in English, Share It with Friends & Family. Sad Status, Broken Heart Quotes.
Heartless Status for Whatsapp in English, FB Heartless Status

Heartless Status for Whatsapp in English, FB Heartless Status

1. I have yet to meet a man I couldn't live without.

2. My mantra for the month, the herd needs culling.

3. Best way to not get your heart broken, is pretend you don’t have one.

4. My brain has no heart, and my heart has no brain. That's why when I speak my mind I appear heartless, and when I do what's in my heart I seem thoughtless.

5. I do not have a gym membership, a husband, or a Vogue subscription. I've never been in Bloomingdale's. I refuse to talk on the phone and drive. I'm one of the happiest women I know.

6. The idea that one person could be all things to another person, satisfy every need or even more than one, is sentimental and mawkish.

7. Those who are heartless, once cared too much.

8. He lies there with no heart, but heartless is the last thing you'll call him.

9. An over-inflated ego wrapped in an undeserved sense of entitlement earns a first class ticket to the back of the queue.

10. Guys are obsessed with the anus. Do you think its vagina envy?

Heartless Status for Whatsapp in English, FB Heartless Status

11. Women have been trained to speak softly and carry a lipstick. Those days are over.

12. Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.

13. I am a 911 dispatcher. I have heard real drama as it unfolds. Your piddly assed problem does not compare real tragedy. Here is a straw, suck it up and move along.

14. You better put a condom on if you're going to act like a dick you need to dress like one.

15. I’m not heartless, I just learned to use my heart less.

16. Not all of our heartless plans work as we intend; nor do all of our good intentions. We are where we are, and we can rarely predict where we will go, no matter how firm our beliefs.

17. Just because I don't want to fuck you anymore doesn't make me a lesbian. It just makes you an asshole.

18. If you ever need an outfit to match that stick up your ass, give me a call.

19. It annoys me to see women and girls pretend they couldn't find the business end of a power drill/spatula if it was lodged in their brain stems. Girls, you are not useless. Deal with it.

20. I made a tin man costume with tin foil and furnace parts because I thought it would help me be more heartless.

Heartless Status for Whatsapp in English, FB Heartless Status

21. When kicking the unworthy to the curb, kick correctly lest they bounce back to you.

22. Treating the whole world as if it works for you doesn't suggest you're special, it means you're an ass.

23. A heartless, empty shell.

24. Those who are heartless, once cared too much.   

25. I believe in the ugly truth rather than the beautiful lie.

26. Another trip to Home Depot and Canadian Tire. I always get such a kick from the look on guy’s faces when you are in the tool section or near the fishing supplies.

27. I'm single; there are lots of single women in the world that have yet to spontaneously combust due to lack of the presence of a penis.

28. Most people who act heartless have a sweet heart. They just act heartless to protect themselves from getting hurt again.

29. At this point, I don't think she's a heartless bitch; she's a bitter, angry bitch, and that's an energy burner and, eventually, a soul-destroyer.

30. There's a reason its called girls gone wild and not women gone wild. When girls go wild, they show their tits. When women go wild, they kill men and drown their kids in a tub.

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31. Not sure if I am emotionally strong and can handle everything or I am a heartless sociopath.

32. In life's journey, you will meet all sorts of characters. Always remember, never shed a tear for the heartless, corrupt or insensitive.

33. If I had a dick I'd be applauded and called a real man. But I'm a female - so the world calls me a Bitch.

34. The only thing I have to do in this life is die. Everything else is a choice with consequences including breathing.

35. I see no reason why having a clit instead of a dick should bar me from knowing how to work on my car, throw a decent punch, or fish and hunt.

36. Without a mythology, faith is impersonal and heartless.

37. I’d rather know an ugly truth than be misled by a pretty lie. Just lay it on out there, say what you mean and don’t paint the turds.

38. It's about writing a coherent application, not saying you're not beating around the bush when you are, in fact, grooming your own ornamental hedge.

39. The ones that try to be heartless are the ones who fall the hardest.

40. It may be true that the law cannot change the heart but it can restrain the heartless.

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41. The sexiest parts of my body? My brain, my spine, and my guts.

42. In conclusion, I invite the media to all grow a pair. And if you can’t, I will lend you mine.

43. I do get called a bitch quite often. What I do not get called is pushover, stupid, sweetheart, dear or doormat. Works for me.

44. People can be so heartless and dirty.

45. I strongly object to the primeval notion that women should consider their college years as an opportunity to find a husband. Women, regardless of age, should have an intellectual curiosity that goes beyond wondering if their shoes match their purse.

46. No, that dress doesn't make you seem fat but your dependence on others' opinions definitely makes you seem shallow.

47. The trick is not how much pain you feel -but how much joy you feel. Any idiot can feel pain. Life is full of excuses to feel pain, excuses not to live, excuses, excuses, excuses.

48. An intellectual, heartless man never becomes an inspired man.

49. You know, having a vagina doesn't make it obligatory for you to breed. Have you considered abortion?

50. Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have the obligation to be one. You cannot make any useful contributions in life unless you do that.

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51. Maybe I wasn’t made for anyone.

52. Heartless retouching should not be the chosen tool to represent women in the beginning of this century.

53. Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame.

54. Housewife, one who is more married to a house than to the man she once thought it was all about.

55. I'd rather be despised for my character than liked for my lack of it.

56. Your mate never talks to you. You live together but don't interact. He has become cold and inconsiderate of your feelings.

57. I'm an Air Force officer just like you are, Colonel. And just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside doesn't mean I can't handle whatever you can handle.

58. Most of the people you save will kill you in return.

59. Sometimes you have to learn how to open your mouth for more than just giving head.

60. Life without flying unconditionally, life with hindered and heartless ending.

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61. I know the difference between being a Bitch and being an asshole.

62. I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine marriage and a career.

63. All alike, you men. You only want the satisfaction of being through with us first, that's all. So far I've had the good fortune of beating you to it. So I am heartless.

64. You know I love you more when you're cold and heartless.

65. I couldn't give a rat's tutu about your emotional distress.

66. If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.

67. They call you heartless; but you have a heart and I love you for being ashamed to show it.

68. And oh, the painful attempts at wit. Clearly this guy thinks he's hot shit on a stick with rice. I do agree with the shit part, though, and I definitely have my suspicions about that stick.

69. A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.

70. Most heartless people have a heart, they'll just do anything to protect their heart even if it means that they have to break yours.

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71. You do learn restraint, though. You can't give in to that motherly urge to smother all in their sleep. In this business it would just mean more work for you the next day.

72. My idea of feminism is self-determination, and it's very open-ended: every woman has the right to become herself, and do whatever she needs to do.

73. Kinda have feelings, kinda heartless.

74. Just when you give up and think the whole world is heartless, you turn around and face someone so wonderful that they give you a reason to Love again, at least one more time.

75. If he really WANTS to use his head as a butt-plug, maybe you should just, you know, let him. Perhaps he has a fondness for using Santorum as a hair-grooming product.

76. You're sweet, and you're young; neither are traits that I hold in high regard.

77. Maybe I had three children in the first place so I wouldn't ever have to play board games. In my religion, martyrs die.

78. Adolescence is that time when I think, it can be- it's the cruellest place on Earth. It can really be heartless.

79. The victimization culture of today's psychology has done a great disservice to too many people.

80. I didn’t become heartless, I just became on someone smarter. My happiness will not depend on someone else. Not anymore.

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81. What happened to the feminist revolution? We thought we could have it all, but instead we ended up doing it all.

82. A little inhumanity does not describe you as heartless, rather, it is a way of telling others that you have a heart that can get angry.

83. I cannot take any more; I'm so glad that I'll never fit in, that will never be me, outcasts and girls with ambition, that's what I want to see.

84. I used to think bad boys were diamonds in the rough, but then I realized, they were really just lumps of coal.

85. People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.

86. The experiences of the heartless are so limited. It is hate that is blind. Love may miss a flaw here and there, but hate misses beauty everywhere.

87. No one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed. I have known mothers who remake the bed after their children do it because there's a wrinkle in the spread or the blanket is on crooked. This is sick.

88. Many think they have a kind heart who have only weak nerves.

89. Heartless is pathetic to see how feminine socialization is a crutch for so many people to remain lazy, morally irresponsible.

90. Perhaps this is just punishment for those who have been heartless, to understand only when nothing can be undone.

Heartless Status for Whatsapp in English

91. The brain is connected to the spine. Try to get them working in tandem for a change.

92. Being heartless is so much easier.

93. I wanted to make it really special on Valentine's Day, so I tied my boyfriend up. And for three solid hours I watched whatever I wanted on TV.

94. If you have given up your heart you have already lost. A heartless creature is a loveless creature, and a loveless creature is a beast.

95. Victimhood is not a costume donned to gain attention.

96. You're so dense you're developing an event horizon from which not even a clue could escape.

97. If brevity is the soul of wit, your penis must be a riot.

98. If you can be heartless as the first man who visited the space, then there will be nothing impossible for you to achieve.

99. Because, you know, there's one thing you don't want. It's a woman with her finger on the button who isn't getting laid.

100. Changing my emotions, changing my heart, changing my mind.

Heartless Status for Whatsapp in English, FB Heartless Status

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