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Top 100 Romantic Whatsapp Status in English 2022 {100% Unique & Fresh}

Romantic Whatsapp Status in English 2022: For those who are madly in love with someone. You can send such love status and romantic status to someone you love. We have collected more than 1000 status for you, I hope you liked it.

Romantic Whatsapp Status in English for Girls and Boys

Romantic Whatsapp Status in English for Girls and Boys

201. You should be kissed and often and by someone who knows how.

202. Once he drew with one long kiss my whole soul through my lips, as sunlight drinketh dew.

203. Love dictates, but a kiss writes the secrets of the heart.

204. The moment I leaned in and kissed him, I felt the world crack open at my feet.

205. Driving safely enough not to cause an accident while kissing a beautiful girl at the same time simply shows that the man is not giving all of his attention worthy of their kiss.

206. A kiss punctuates whatever relationship a couple has. It can assume the form of a comma. It can show as a question mark. And it can be as expressive as an exclamation point. All of this should be known to the woman.

207. A sign of love much like an autograph, which is what you call a kiss.

208. When you kiss, you get as close to each other as possible. It is when you are that close that both of you are not able to see the flaws of each other.

209. Knowing how our lips touched is just like knowing that the sun rises every morning, that snow melts under sunshine, and that the birds sing during spring.

210. As soon as lovers’ lips touch, their souls touch each other at the same time.

211. Giving someone a kiss which speaks louder than anything else is never the first one.

212. Everything must start with something. And as such, the courteous gesture of kissing a lady’s hand must always be in style.

213. The appetite for a girl and for cigarette goes in different ways. Have your first kiss and first cigarette at the same day, and I will guarantee you will have healthy lungs for the rest of your life.

214. If you want to get what you desire, opt for a kiss rather than a whine. Kisses are way sweeter than hearing a woman whine.

215. Stealing a kiss from someone requires a partner in crime.

216. Even though your children are already asleep, never fail to kiss them good night.

217. Kissing you deeply could make me wholly forget my very own being.

218. Whenever you kiss me, you come in contact not just with my lips, but you also touch my very soul.

219. When he kissed me, he likewise drank my entire soul.

220. It is a very slothful thing to just throw away kisses.

221. I smile when every time I look at you. Your eyes should have a built-in camera.

222. Here is to the awkward moment when you are spotted staring at the most gorgeous person in the room.

223. People say perfection does not exist. I guess they have not seen you yet.

224. I wish life had a pause button. I would pause every moment we spend together.

225. I did not now that angels were allowed to walk on earth.

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226. Of all the things I have in my life, you are the one thing that makes me feel fortunate.

227. I am afraid I would go crazy if I ever lost you.

228. Your word is my favourite sound, your name is my favourite word, and your hug is my favourite site.

229. You make my heart race without doing a thing.

230. I want to grow old with you.

231. I like to freeze the moments when I am with you, but even an hour flies past like a second.

232. For the last 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds, I have missed you.

233. If I get a chance to change my appearance, I will transform myself into octopus so that I can hold you with more arms.

234. Whenever I am texting you, you can safely assume that I am smiling. The very thought of you lights up my outlook and makes everything seem so much brighter.

235. I want to make time stand still when I am with you, but time always finds a way to fly past.

236. If our love where like the rose it would have to be a new breed that has no thorns.

237. It is official: I am stricken with the Buzz Light year love bug. I love you to infinity and beyond!

238. I can seize this world with my single hand as long as my other hand is holding yours.

239. If I had ever known, dating you would feel this much fun, I could have started dating you right from my age of 10.

240. You gave me a thirst to become a better man so that I can be worthy of your love.

241. Just one message, look or touch from you is enough to send my spirits soaring through the roof. Baby, you mean everything to me.

242. If I could wish for anything on earth, it would be for you to be with me right now.

243. Some people die younger because god loves them too much, but I am still on earth because someone loves me more than god.

244. I Wish I could shrink you to a pocket-sized object so that I can keep you always with me.

245. I can stare at you all round the clock forgetting to blink my eyes forever. But I would still feel like it is not enough.

246. The way you look every time I say goodbye makes it so hard for me to walk away from you.

247. I always thought that happiness started with an H, but now I see that it starts with you.

248. You deserve the world, but since I cannot give that to you, I will give you the next best thing, which is my world.

249. You are the only girl I love right now, but in about ten years, there will be another. She will be calling you “mommy”.

250. You must be the god’s masterpiece. He must have wondered when he finished creating you.

251. You are looking gorgeous today just like every other day.

252. I wish my arms could find you when I Wake up.

253. When I first saw you, I was too shy to say anything. It took all of my energy to respond to just your simple, “Hello”.

254. You take my breath away and leave me speechless.

255. Babe, you are my dream girl, and like my parents always say, never give up on your dreams.

256. When every time I feel low, I just close my eyes and think of you.

257. I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes!

258. Love is sweet when it’s new, Love is sweeter when it’s true, but sweetest when the one loving is you.

259. My life has never been the same since I met you.

260. You make every other girl feel so inferior.

261. I cannot wait to see you again.

262. If you asked me to I would walk miles to be with you but please never tell me to go away.

263. Words cannot explain what a wonderful person you are.

264. Everything that I need or want is within your power to give me.

265. I treasure every inch of you. I will not give even a bit of you to anyone.

266. Talk to me often. My ears are longing to hear your hot voice.

267. My knees are hurting. Do not make me fall for you every day.

268. If I could be anywhere with anyone, it would be there with you. I am simple in my needs and wants. All I want and need in life is to be with you.

269. I love that we met, I like it that nobody got you before I did.

270. I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes.

271. When every time I hold you close, I fight with my inner demon to let you go.

272. I love you more than you could ever imagine.

273. Life without you is like a broken pencil, pointless.

274. I am just sitting here thinking of you and wanted to tell you that I love you.

275. We should have the real-time version of time traveling machine so that we can rewind the magical moments when our eyes met for the first time until we feel enough.

276. You have made my dreams come true.

277. I guess we are like swans; we are always meant to be together.

278. I think of you and kiss my pillow before I fall asleep every night

279. The way you look at my eyes when every time I bade goodbye makes it really hard for me to walk away from you.

280. I want to kiss every bit of you literally.

281. Loving, you is like a copied assignment which I cannot explain.

282. You should have my eyes to yourself for a moment so that you would know how special you are.

283. I am the happiest person on the planet when you are with me.

284. Do not change yourself even a bit, because I just love the way you are now.

285. When you smile my heart beats as if I ran a mile and it keeps me happy for a long while.

286. Seeing you is like having my picture taken: even if I do not want to, I always smile.

287. I did not believe the concept of soul mate until I see you.

288. Often, I am shy to talk to any crush that I am interested. Unlike normal, I feel completely comfortable being around you and sharing ideas with you.

289. I cannot wait any further to spend the rest of my life with you.

290. Your lips are like a drug to me. I cannot simply resist myself to stop kissing you.

291. Having you besides to me, I really do not care about the rest of the world.

292. Our love is like the waves in the sea, sometimes calm, sometimes tempestuous but always there.

293. Although I felt like I was preparing for something throughout my life, I only figured out what it was when I first met you.

294. Dear Heart, please stop thumping so hard from my chest whenever she is around. The thumping is so loud she might be able to hear it soon.

295. When you fall for someone for who she really is, everything about her becomes beautiful.

296. When I bake cookies, I always think of you. Cookies smell fresh and good, and it makes me happy just like you.

297. I sometimes dream about you and me, in a fairy tale. You are my prince charming, my knight in shining armour, and I am your princess and your soon-to-be-queen. And we will live happily ever after.

298. Last night, I lost my tooth accidentally and my mom told me that tooth fairies grant wishes in exchange of a tooth. I wished that you would feel the same way as I do with you.

299. I think of you so much that I see you almost everywhere I go.

300. You captured my heart because you sing a song that only my heart can hear.

Romantic Whatsapp Status in English for Girls and Boys

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