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Happy Tamil New Year Date 2023 {100% Unique & Fresh}

Happy Tamil New Year Date 2023: India being a loam of variance is made of numerous states and each and every state has their individual uptown liberal heritage and folk, which make this country and its innumerable fete so very gripping.

Happy Tamil New Year Date 2023 Rasi Palan, Recipes

Puthandu or Tamil New Year is the fate of the New Year seen by the public in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry in India. Tamils in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius and Singapore to spot this day with pomp and snap.

Date of the Puthandu
A while later the Vernal Equinox or the Mesha Sankranti, this date should have been close March, but is now revered around in the folk Hindu month of Chaitra or April admitting to the Gregorian calendar.

It is generally seen on the 14th of April admitting to the Gregorian calendar and is a person layoff in Tamil Nadu. Thus folk the Tamil New year starts on the 14th of April, which is the Kali Yuga 5118.

Celebration of the Puthandu
Puthandu is the New Year in the Tamil seen in the month of Chitterai, which is also the first month of the Tamil Solar calendar. On the last day of the last year, which is on the eve of Puthandu, all Tamilian plain adjusts a tray.

This tray is laden with three sorts of fruits – mango, banana and jackfruit, Areca nuts and the duo of betel petal, gold or silver jewellery, a mirror, some cash or money, rice, coconuts and flowers are put up. This is to be scope the first thing in the morning.

This folk is termed the kanni, which loosely decode into lucky sight. The public think that a lucky sight will lead the year to be lucky and perfect.  Post the Kanni, the public has a refine bath and throng to the temples to seek holy blessings.

Celebrations in Tamil Nadu
In the temple city of Madurai the month long fete termed the Chithirai Thiruvizha is revered. It is the longest fete in the world and goes on for a month. The first 15 days are devoted to the Godhead Meenakshi and the calm 15 days is for Alagar, who is revered in a form of Lord Vishnu.

Huge performance and franks are held termed Chitterai Porutkaatchi, which in the southern part of Tamil Nadu is termed the Chittirai Vishu. To fete this lucky New Year, public all wear new casuals and the best of softness are cooks in the Tamilian home.

The focus of the pleasure is the misuse of the Maanga Pachadi. This is an individual tryout made out of Jaggery, raw mangoes and Neem flowers. It is a taste which is sour, sweet and sour all in one, describing the many forms of Brio and how it should be met and taken with same peace.

Celebrations at other places
In Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Tamils spot this day with the first economic dealing with the day termed Kai-vishesham. It is a folk where the elders give a bit money to the youngsters as a note of blessings. They also take an herbal bath termed the maruthu-neer’ and spot arpudu, or the first ploughing of the patch in pattern to adjust for a good harvest.

The Sri Lankan Tamils spot and pursue the time of Punya Kalam to start all lucky work. In Malaysia and Singapore also this day is noted with prayers, bashes and a lot of fanfare.

Puthandu Rituals
A preferred use of Puthandu is 'kanni' which means the lucky sight. Specified the ritual, public start the Puthandu day by watching lucky things like gold and silver jewellery, betel frond, nuts, fruits and vegetables, flowers, raw rice and coconuts.

This is done nether the belief that a good start to New Year will guard luxury and cheer in the coming year. A bath and a talk to the temple typically pursue Kanni. After this public reads the Panchangam.

How Tamil New Year is celebrated
Tamils make it express by wearing new casuals, adapting sweets and by talking temples. As per beliefs, Lord Brahma started the step of generating the universe on this lucky day. ‘Puthandu’ or ‘Tamil New Year’ is a fete of the New Year seen by the public of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Tamil’s in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius and Singapore too spot this day with parades and enthusiasm. This lucky season is also familiar as ‘Varusha Pirappu’. It is normally thought that Lord Brahma evoked his generation and hence it is treated to be particularly holy.

Highlights of the Festival
New Year's Day is a bright time for all Tamils. The main hub is on the food eaten on the day. 'Maanga Pachadi' is the pulse of the feast. It is a dish made of raw mangoes, jaggery, neem flowers which tastes sweet, salt, sour and bitter.

This entails distant colors of life. It relates that Brio has to face all from fame to fall. At the time of the New Year feast, a grand Car feast also takes place at Tiruvadamarudur near Kumbakonam. In some places, Chitthirai feast is also revered. It is said on this day, Godhead Meenakshi got mated to Lord Sundareswarar.

Significance Of Puthandu: Tamil New Year
Puthandu is the head for Tamil New Year. It is the fate of the first day of the Tamil New Year. The New Year’s fete in India is admitting to the Hindu calendars in distant parts of the country locally takes place in the months of March-April.

The country seems very active until this time of the year as the distant cultures fete their new year in their own individual way.

Observances of Puthandu
On the eve of Puthandu, a tray is tidy with three fruits, betel leaves, Areca nuts, gold/silver jewellery, money, flowers and a mirror. This tray has to be talked fresh in the morning soon after waking up.

Then public take a fresh morning bath and feeler Pongal to the Gods. Many public also talk temples to seek thanks so that the New Year turns out fruitful for them. In Madurai, Puthandu is revered in a grand way. A vast exhibition familiar as the Chitterai Porutkaatchi is held at the Meenakshi Amman temple.

Vast feasts are held in about to all Tamil homes and the excess of the houses are pranked with refined kolams or Rangoli.

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