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Top 10 Whatsapp Videos, Funny 2022 {100% Unique & Fresh}

Whatsapp Videos 2022: Today, we have collected all type of Whatsapp Status Videos for you, which you can use on your Whatsapp Status bar. We have make this collection one of the ultimate collection on the internet so don't need to surf more for whatsapp videos.

Whatsapp Videos: 500+ Funny & Romantic Whatsapp Status Video

Whatsapp Videos: 500+ Funny & Romantic Whatsapp Status

How To Download These Whatsapp Status Videos?

- You just need to click on the Download button and you will get all type of download option select as per your Mobile phone. Whatsapp Status

💔 30 Second Whatsapp Status Love Video (Hits - 15,134,902)

30 Second Whatsapp Status Love Video

💕 Whatsapp Love Status 💕 (Hits - 11,933,593)

Whatsapp Love Status

💕 Whatsapp Status Video, Whatsapp Video 💕 (Hits - 11,839,603)

Whatsapp Status Video, Whatsapp Video

💕 I Miss You | Very Sad Whatsapp Status 💕 (Hits - 8,957,079)

I Miss You | Very Sad Whatsapp Status

💕 Very Sad Emotional Short Love Story Video 💕 (Hits - 8,637,913)

Very Sad Emotional Short Love Story Video

💕 Romantic Love WhatsApp Status Video Song 💕 (Hits - 8,038,830)

Whatsapp Videos, Funny 2022

💕 Whatsapp Status Video, Heart Touching Songs, Mohabbatein Love Songs, Short Romantic Story 💕 (Hits - 6,752,370)

Whatsapp Videos, Funny 2022

💕 Best Heart Touching Emotional Video for WhatsApp Status 30 Second | Mothers Day Special 💕 (Hits - 6,752,370)

Whatsapp Videos, Funny

💕 Heart Touching Love Whatsapp Status Video – Latest Whatsapp Status 💕 (Hits - 6,752,370)

Whatsapp Videos, Funny

💕 Zaroori Tha | Sad Song Female Version | 30sec WhatsApp Status Video 💕 (Hits - 5,752,370)

Whatsapp Videos, Funny

💕 👦 Only For U - Whatsapp Status Video 💕 (Hits - 5,752,370)

Whatsapp Videos, Funny

💕 New Whatsapp Status, Romantic Whatsapp Status, Best Whatsapp Status Video 2018, Cute Love Special 💕 (Hits - 7,752,370)

Whatsapp Videos, Funny

WhatsApp has supposedly been taking a shot at a ton of new highlights recently. Pretty much consistently there are reports of a few or the other new component that shows up in the beta updates. Out of the apparent multitude of highlights that we have known about, the absolute most significant highlights are the multi-gadget uphold, lapsing media, get-away mode, adjustable backdrops, and the sky is the limit from there. All the previously mentioned highlights have showed up on the beta updates are still a work in progress. 

So here are a portion of the highlights that could come to WhatsApp sooner than anticipated:

Multi-gadget uphold 

This is of the exceptionally foreseen include as WhatsApp is by all accounts dealing with it for a very long time now. However, according to the most recent report by WhatsApp highlights tracker, Wabetainfo, the component has arrived at the last phase of testing and it could before long be accessible for beta analyzers. The component lets clients sign in to four gadgets one after another without making various records. This implies you can utilize WhatsApp in your iPhone and iPad simultaneously without making various records 

Lapsing Media 

WhatsApp is likewise building up another element called Expiring Media. The included had showed up in the most recent Android beta update. The new would erase media documents, for example, pictures, recordings, and GIFs sent to the beneficiary's the point at which the beneficiary leaves the talk. As it were, these would the transitory messages that the clients will send. The element was accounted for by Wabetainfo. 

Adaptable Wallpapers 

Wabetainfo had announced that another component is on the works which would let clients set various backdrops for various talks. So when a client sets another backdrop, WhatsApp will ask whether the client needs to set the backdrop for the current visit or for all the talks. Following a similar example, a client can have various sorts of backdrops for various clients. On the off chance that a client chooses the backdrop for all visits, at that point the backdrop will be applied to all the talk windows however on the off chance that the client chooses just for this talk alternative, at that point the backdrop may be applied to the current talk in concern. The component is as of now being worked on. 

Excursion mode 

WhatsApp had retired building up the get-away mode highlight yet a couple of days prior, Wabetainfo revealed that WhatsApp has begun building up the element once more. The new component will permit clients to quiet notices from chronicled talks. WhatsApp will give two alternatives to clients to manage their documented visits. The Notify New Messages and Auto Hide dormant visits choice. The primary choice whenever empowered will tell the clients about the messages from the chronicled visits however on the off chance that the subsequent choice is empowered WhatsApp will shroud talks that have been dormant for a half year. 

Progressed Search Mode 

Another element that WhatsApp could before long get is the serious mode highlight. The component lets the client look for their documents, pictures, recordings and more in the pursuit bar that would be given once the element is turned out.

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