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Top 20 Emotional SMS in Hindi and English 2022 {100% Unique & Fresh SMS}

Top 20 Emotional Sms in Hindi and English 2022: In case you need to get some of the best emotional SMS then you are at the correct page. Our collection is fresh and new for you. It's updated now 2022.

Top 20 Emotional Sms in Hindi and English 2022

Top 20 Emotional Sms in Hindi and English 2022

Majbur Mohabbat Jataa Na Saky,
Jakham Khate Rahe Kesi Ko Batana Na Saky,
Chahaton Ki Had Tak Chaha Usy,
Sirf Apna Dil Nikal Kr Usy Dikha Na Saky.

You’ll Just Never 9,
So Many Emotions,
I Choose Not 2 Show.

Waqt Ki Yaari to Sab Hi Karty Hain.
Maza to Tb Hay Waqt Badal Jaye.
Par Yaar Na Badlay.

It Hurts the Most When the Person That
Made You Feel Special Yesterday Can Make
You Feel Unwanted Today.

Pyar Ki Vo Mishal Banenge Hum
Khud Se Bhi Jyada Pyar Karenge Hum
Yaade Itni Bhar Denge Aapke Dil Me Ki
Khud Se Pahele Yaad Aayenge Hum

No One Has Ever Loved Me, I Was Left Behind.
I Only Want One Thing and One Thing Alone. I Want
Someone to Love Me Like the Way I Would Love Them.

Loving Yourself Is Common,
But, Caring for Someone Can Be Magnanimous,
B-coz, You Might Not Remember a Small Act of Caring,
But, it Might Be the Brightest Moment in Someone′s Life.

You’ll Just Never Know,
Soo Many Emotions,
I Choose Not to Show.

9.Sometimes I Cry Just to Hear You,
Tell Me It’ll All Be Okay.

Agar Itni Nafrat Hai Ham Se to
Ek Sachy Dil Se Aisi Dua Kar Do,
K Tumhari Dua Bhi Poori Ho Jae
Or Hamari Zindagi Bhi.

Yeh Mohabat Ka Bandhan Bhi,
Kitna Ajeeb Hota Hy,
Mil Jayei’n Toh Batai’n Lambi Aour Bichar,
Jayei’n Tu Judai Lambi.

Those Who Are ‘special’ Never Go Away,
They Walk Beside Us ‘everyday’,
Unseen, Unheard, Still Near,
Still Special, Still Missed,
And Still Very Dear.

Raiza Raiza Hai Mera Aks,
Magar Hairat Ye Hai,
Mera Aaina Salamat Hai,
To Phir Toota Kya Hai.

Every One Want Happiness,
No Needs Pain,
But It's Not Possible to Get a Rainbow Without a Little Rain.

Hamara Haq Tu Nahi Hy
Phir Bhi Yeh Tum Sy Kehty
Zingadi Tum Ly Lo Mgr Udas
Mat Raha Karo..

Main Nhe Itna Ghafil
K Apne Chahne Walon Ko
Bhool Jaon,
Peeta Zaror Hon Lekin
Thori Dair Yadon Ko
Sulane K Liay.

You Put the Fun in Together,
The Sad in Apart,
The Hope in Tomorrow,
The Joy in My Heart.

Don't Go for Looks,
They Can Deceive,
Don't Go for Wealth,
Even That Fades Away.
Go for Sum1 Who Makes U,
Smile Boz Only a Smile Makes,
A Dark Day Seems Bright.

People Die Younger Because God Loves Them So Much,
You Are Still on Earth,
Because There Is Someone,
Who Loves You More Than God.

Set a Place for Me in Your Heart and Not in Your Mind for the Mind Easily Forgets but the Heart Always Remembers. I Love You.

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Top 20 Emotional Sms in Hindi and English 2022

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