Top 20 Onam Status in English 2020

Top 20 Onam Status in English 2020: Get some of the best collection on the internet from the Daily SMS Collection. All of them are in English and unique. Don't forget to share it!

Top 20 Onam Status in English 2019

Top 20 Onam Status in English 2020

1. Forever remembering thoughts of happiness & prosperity with all sweet. Onam Day!

2. May this Onam day brings you long lasting happiness

3. May this auspicious day gives you good health and wealth – Happy Onam

4. May the spirit of Onam remains everywhere, whatever you do, whatever you think, and whatever you hope in your life!

5. Onam is not just a festival to cherish, but a moment to reincarnate a past of prosperity and goodness.

6. May the color and lights of Onam fill your home with happiness and joy. My heartiest wishes to you and your family on the eve of Onam.

7. Hope this Onam brings in good fortune & abounding happiness to you! Wish you and your family a frivolous Onam!

8. Wishing you a very prosperous, healthy, wealthy and Happy Onam to all Malayalees in the World

9. May this ONAM bring the brightest and choicest happiness & prosperity you have ever wished for!

10. Celebrate the spirit of the harvest festival in all its splendor. Decorate your house with Pookalams, listen to the melodious Onappattus and enjoy the festivities

11. May the celebration of the return of pious Mahabali abode well for you and your family

12. May your life be decorated like Pookalam, sail in harmony like a snake boat. Happy Onam to all Malayalees

Onam is the time for pookalam on the floor;
Children on swings; tiger clad men with hunters behind them;
People enjoying sadyas with family...
Let this Onam bring joy and prosperity to all.
Happy Onam!

14. May this Onam you and your family in good health and let your life flows with happiness... Wish you a very Happy Onam!

15. To my wonderful friends, I'm hoping that this Onam festival is the start of your good and prosperous life. Have fun with your family! Love lots!

We celebrate Onam to commemorate a glorious past. All of us yearn for a time like that of King Mahabali, a time when prosperity, joy, and love blended. But in order to realize this dream, we need to put forward create and sustained efforts.

17. May this festival of Onam be a harbinger of cheer, good luck, peace, and prosperity, that lasts a whole year, wish you a happy Onam!

Onam is more fun to celebrate with family and friends. Feasts and colorful home decors... but don't forget to the real essence of Onam. Keep the spirit of Onam in your hearts. Have a blessed Onam!

At this present moment with warmth and peace, with the music of the, chirping birds, the soothing sun and flirting files, it's now time up to wish you a... Happy & Prosperous Onam!

Onam is not just a festival to cherish, but a moment to reincarnate a past of prosperity and goodness. Let us now hope for those days to come back again those good old days! Wish you happy and Prosperous Onam!

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