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Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes

Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes Every Indian is aware of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's accomplishments because he served as the country's first prime minister. 

Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes

Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes

He was fairly well-known among kids, which is why they referred to him as "Chacha Nehru."

The government observes his birthday as a children's day in honour of his love of kids. Great leader Chacha Nehru has a deep affection for his nation.

Jawaharlal Nehru's Early Years

Pandit Nehru was born in Allahabad on November 14, 1889. (now Praygraj). Additionally, Motilal Nehru, his father, was an attorney by profession. He also had access to the highest education because of his great wealth.

Additionally, he was sent to study overseas at a young age. He attended Cambridge and Harrow Universities in England for his undergraduate and graduate degrees. Nehruji earned his degree in 1910.

He did well enough in his studies, but he has little interest in going to law school. He was interested in politics instead.

He later became a lawyer, nevertheless, and worked in the Allahabad High Court. At age 24, he got married to Smt. Kamla Devi. They soon became parents to a daughter they called Indira.

As a Leader, Nehru

Nehru was elected as India's first prime minister after the country gained its independence. Additionally, he was a man of extraordinary vision who excelled as a leader, politician, and writer.

Additionally, he was constantly working day and night to improve the nation and its citizens. The most notable thing he said was "Aaram Haram Hai," which translates to "Rest is Not Best."

Despite being a man of peace and harmony, he joined the liberation fight after witnessing how the British treated Indians.

He clasped hands with Mahatma Gandhi out of his passion for the nation (father of the nation- Bapu). As a result, he joined Mahatma Gandhi's movement for non-cooperation.

Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes (1)

Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes (1)

He experienced a lot of difficulties during the liberation movements. Even he spent a lot of time in jail for demonstrating against the British. But rather than diminishing, his love for the nation grew.

He and other leaders engaged in a fierce battle that led to the nation's independence. India gained its freedom on August 15, 1947. Pandit Nehru became India's first prime minister as a result of the efforts.

victories as prime minister

He was a contemporary and progressive thinker who always aimed to modernise and civilise India. However, Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru thought in quite different ways.

Additionally, their attitudes about society and civilisation diverge. Gandhi was from ancient India, while Nehru sought a modern India.

Throughout his life, Nehru aspired to progress. Regardless of the nation's diversity in terms of religion and culture.

The country was under pressure to allow for religious freedom at the time, and the major goal was to bring the nation together.

Therefore, under all of this pressure, Nehru led the nation's modern and scientific initiatives. As prime minister, he accomplished enormous things and transformed the traditional Hindu culture.

That was really helpful to the Hindu widows. Additionally, this change had granted women the same rights as men. These include the property and inheritance rights.

Although Nehru was an excellent prime minister, the conflict over the Kashmir area between India and Pakistan was a major source of stress for him. He made numerous attempts to resolve this conflict, but the issue persisted.

To sum up, Pandit Nehru was a brilliant man who gave a lot to the nation. Additionally, he became India's first prime minister as a result of his efforts in the country's freedom war.

The primary architect of the liberation movement was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He had made a unique contribution to the nation's independence. Children's Day is observed on the day of his birthday.

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Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes (2)

Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes (2)

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Let's be a little modest and consider the possibility that the truth might not be totally on our side. Greetings on Nehru Day!

It takes at least as much training to be in good moral shape as it does to be in good physical form. Greetings on Nehru Day!

"Codetruction is the only option to cohabitation." Greetings on Nehru Day!

"The greatest risk of all is the policy of being overly careful." Greetings on Nehru Day!

"All other dreams are destroyed and cast to ashes without peace." Greetings on Nehru Day!

"Democracy is beneficial. Because other systems are worse, I say this. Greetings on Nehru Day!

"As long as I'm sure it's the appropriate course of action, action itself makes me happy." Greetings on Nehru Day!

What is Children's Day's History And Meaning?

Prior to.

On November 14, 1889, Nehru was born in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. His final breath was taken on May 27, 1964.

On August 15, 1947, he was elected the nation's first prime minister after he actively participated in the fight for independence from British domination.

Every year on November 14 in India, Children's Day is observed as a tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru.

It's because Nehru, affectionately known as "Chacha Nehru," was well recognised for stressing how important it is to show children love and affection.

Following Nehru's passing, it was unanimously voted to designate his birthday as India's "Bal Diwas," or Children's Day.

Concerning Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, often known as "Chacha Nehru"

Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes (3)

Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes (3)

On November 14, 1889, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born in India. He was India's first Prime Minister to hold the position for the longest time. He had a strong commitment to wealth and peace.

A. P. Nehru India celebrates a holiday called Jayanti. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was well-known among children in addition to his political career and national duty. He loved kids just as much as he loved red roses.

Every year, Children's Day is observed to increase public awareness of the rights, welfare, and education of children. The success and growth of the nation depend on the youth.

Children are his other great love, and Jawaharlal Nehru always preferred to be with them. He worked hard for children and young people after India gained its independence. He made children's education his top focus as soon as he was elected prime minister.

Pandit Nehru put a lot of effort into ensuring the education, advancement, health, and welfare of India's children and youth. He founded a number of educational institutions, including the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Indian Institutes of Technology, and Indian Institutes of Management.

In India, free elementary education and free meals that included milk were offered to students in attempt to combat childhood malnutrition.

Children are the nation's bright future, according to Pandit Nehru. We can only give them a new life with the proper education, care, and advancement. As a result, the day of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday in India, which is November 14, began to be observed as Children's Day after his passing in 1964.

Therefore, the primary reason for celebrating Children's Day on the anniversary of Chacha Nehru's birth is because of his profound love and excitement for children. He asserted that children are the nation's true strength since they will contribute to the development of society in the future.

But did you know that India celebrated Children's Day on November 20th before 1964 and after independence. Let's examine the cause of it.

Children's Day was established in 1925, and in 1953 it gained international recognition.

The United Nations (UN) declared November 20 as Children's Day. As a result, Children's Day was observed on November 20 in India as well. But it is observed on various days in several nations.

The first of June, also known as World Children's Day, is observed in several nations as Child Protection Day, much as it was in 1950.

India celebrated its inaugural Children's Day in 1959, following its independence. But upon Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's passing in 1964, the Children's Day holiday was celebrated on November 14 instead of November 20. (birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru). However, on November 20, many nations around the world continue to observe Children's Day.

Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes (4)

Nehru Jayanti Images 2022 Wishes Status Quotes (3)

In what manner is Children's Day observed in India?

Numerous programmes, including entertaining and cultural events, are planned all around India. A variety of competitions are held for the children by government and non-government organisations, schools, NGOs, private organisations, and others to inform them of their rights and to make them happy and cheer. On November 14th, TV channels also broadcast engaging children's programming. To make their children happy, parents participate in this event with great enthusiasm. They give their sons and daughters gifts and greeting cards. They join the party for a picnic, lengthy drive, and fun day.

How is Children's Day observed in India with orphans and disadvantaged kids?

Numerous non-governmental organisations run programmes for children who are impoverished and underprivileged. Chocolates and toys are given out to the kids. There are many other competitions planned, including fancy dress, quizzes, speeches about the country and liberation fighters, storytelling, and debates.

Singing, dancing, and performing with various musical instruments are examples of cultural and social programmes. Distributing items like clothing, toys, stationery, books, and musical instruments helps keep kids entertained.

Organizing games like riddles, treasure hunts, and other activities is a lot of fun. The organisation of musical performances by well-known performers and discourses on progress, care, and health provide entertainment for underprivileged youngsters.

What purposes do the celebrations of Children's Day in India serve?

Children are crucial to the nation's future. The future of the nation will be damaged if they do not grow in a proper manner. About this day, parents who neglect their kids will get a chance to reflect on it.

The entire society needs to reflect on its obligations and responsibilities to children. Analyzing what has been done in the past and what can be done in the future for the kids is essential.

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