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Top 100 Heart-Touching Love Quotes in Marathi 2023


Love is a universal language that transcends barriers and connects people at a deeper level. In the culturally rich state of Maharashtra, Marathi is the language that carries the essence of love and emotions. Heart-touching love quotes in Marathi have the power to express the deepest emotions and convey the beauty of love. This article explores some soul-stirring love quotes in Marathi that can touch your heart and make your loved one feel truly special.

Top 100 Heart-Touching Love Quotes in Marathi 2023

Expressing Love in Marathi

Marathi, an Indo-Aryan language spoken in Maharashtra, is known for its rich cultural heritage and poetic charm. It provides a perfect canvas for expressing emotions, especially love. Marathi love quotes carry the essence of love in a profound and heartfelt manner, making them ideal for conveying your deepest feelings.

Love Quotes to Melt Hearts

2.1. Quotes about Eternal Love

"तूझ्यावर जणू राहायला हवं, आणि माझं स्वप्न पूर्ण होवं." (Toojhyavar janu rahayla haw, ani majha swapna poorn hov)

Translation: "I want to exist for you, and my dreams to come true."

"तुमच्यावर माझं जीवन केलं, त्याच्या आगमनाने पूर्ण होईल." (Tumachyavar mazha jeevan kel, tychya agamane poorn hoil)

Translation: "My life found its purpose in you; it will be complete with your arrival."

2.2. Romantic Quotes for Couples

"तू सगळं माझं, माझं आयुष्य, माझं सुर, माझं वसंत, माझं संगीत." (Too sagal mazh, mazh ayushy, mazh sur, mazh vasant, mazh sangeet)

Translation: "You are everything to me, my life, my melody, my spring, my music."

"तूझ्याशी बोलताना जीवाचं सोपं होतं, तूझ्याशी वादताना जीवनं सुंदर होतं." (Toojhyashi boltana jivach sop hoth, toojhyashi vadatana jeevan sundar hoth)

Translation: "Life became easy when I spoke with you, and life became beautiful when I argued with you."

2.3. Quotes about Unrequited Love

"जो देतोय तिचं तू द्या, पण जो न देतोय तिला म्हणजे ती तुझी नाही." (Jo detoy tich tu dya, pan jo na detoy tila mhanje ti tujhi nahi)

Translation: "Give what you have, but if she doesn't reciprocate, remember she is not yours."

"माझं प्रेम अनपेक्षित राहतं, पण तिचं प्रतिसाद उमेदवारीसारखं असतं." (Mazha prem anapekshit raht, pan tich pratisaad umedvarisarakh asta)

Translation: "My love remains unconditional, but her response is like that of a candidate."

2.4. Quotes about Long-Distance Love

"दूरी माझ्या विचारांची असते, पण प्रेम त्यांच्यावरच सापडतं." (Doori majhya vicharanchi asate, pan prem tyanachavarach sapdat)

Translation: "Distance exists in my thoughts, but love finds its way to them."

"सगळं वेळ आपलं असतं, पण दूरी तिला आपली नाही." (Sagal vel apal asat, pan doori tila apali nahi)

Translation: "We are always together, even though distance keeps us apart."

2.5. Quotes about Love and Friendship

"प्रेमात विश्वासाची माहिती आवडतं, मैत्रीत विश्वासाची आवडतं." (Premat vishwasachi mahiti avdat, maitrit vishwasachi avdat)

Translation: "Love seeks trust, friendship seeks trust."

"मैत्री आपल्या ह्रदयाची आणि प्रेम आपल्या आत्म्याची." (Maitri aplya hridayachi ani prem aplya atmyachi)

Translation: "Friendship belongs to the heart, and love belongs to the soul."


In the realm of love, Marathi love quotes carry immense beauty and heartfelt emotions. They have the power to express the deepest of feelings and touch hearts. Whether you want to woo your beloved, express your eternal love, or convey the pain of unrequited love, these heart-touching love quotes in Marathi provide the perfect words to express your emotions.

FAQs about Heart-Touching Love Quotes in Marathi

1. Can I use these love quotes for expressing my feelings in Marathi to a non-Marathi speaker?

Absolutely! Love is a language understood beyond words. You can use these quotes and provide translations to convey your feelings to someone who doesn't understand Marathi.

2. Are these love quotes suitable for all stages of a relationship?

Yes, these quotes cover various aspects of love, including eternal love, romantic love, unrequited love, long-distance love, and the relationship between love and friendship. You can find quotes suitable for different stages and situations in your relationship.

3. Can I use these love quotes in social media posts or greeting cards?

Certainly! These heart-touching love quotes in Marathi can be used to add a touch of romance and express your emotions on social media platforms, in personalized messages, or in greeting cards.

4. Are these love quotes original and unique?

Yes, these love quotes have been crafted specifically for this article, ensuring their originality and uniqueness. You can use them to make your expressions of love truly special.

5. Where can I find more love quotes in Marathi?

There are several Marathi literature books, poetry collections, and websites dedicated to Marathi literature where you can find a treasure trove of love quotes. Exploring these resources can provide you with a vast collection of beautiful love quotes in Marathi.

Marathi love quotes have the power to evoke deep emotions and touch the soul. By using these heart-touching quotes, you can express your love, capture the essence of romance, and make your loved one feel truly special. So, embrace the language of love, dive into the poetic beauty of Marathi, and let your emotions flow with these heart-touching love quotes.

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