Top 10 Urdu Shayari in Hindi & English 2020 {100% Unique}

Urdu Shayari in Hindi & English 2020, as per the highest demand, we have changed Urdu Shayari into Hindi & English so that each and everyone can understand them and share them on social media.

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Urdu Shayari in Hindi & English 2020

1. Dil na-ummed to nahi nakaam hi to hai, lambhi h ghum ki sham magar sham hi to hai. - Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Translation: The heart isn't hopeless it's just disappointing, lengthy are my evening grieves but at the end, it's just evening.

2. Ajeeb dastoor hai mohabbat ka, rooth koi jata hai, tut koi jata h. - Piyush Mishra

Translation: How weird is the nature of love, one takes the offense and other collapses.

3. Umr bhar uthaya bojh us ‘keel’ ne.. aur log tareef ‘tasveer’ ki karte rahe. - Piyush Mishra

Translation- That nail took all the burden throughout its life and the picture got all the appreciation.

4. Kuch iss qadr dakhil hua mere zehen main wo, ki sasoon main aaj tak ussi ki mehak hai. - Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Translation: The way he entered my memory that there is the presence of his essence everytime I breathe.

5. Ek tarz-e-taghaful hai. so wo unko mubarak , Ek tarz-e-tamanna hai. so hum karte rahenge. - Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Translation: She/He is blessed with the style of ignorance, as for me my expression of desire will continue.

6. Seene me jo dab gaye hai, wo jazbaat kya kahein, ab khud hi samjh lijiye, har baat kya kahein.

Translation: I hope you understand it yourself for there is no need to express everything

7. Zindag se kuch zyada nai, bas itni si farmaish hai, ab tasveer se nahi, tafseel se milne ki khwahish hai. - Zakir khan

Translation: There is no much desire left in this life than to meet my loved one in person rather than his/her picture.

8. Thor sukun bhi dhudhiye janab ye zarurate to kabhi khatm nai hogi. - Gulzar

Translation: Find some peace my dear these necessities won't leave.

9. Ye na thi hamari qismat ki vusaal-e-yaar hota, agar aur jeete rehte to yahi intezar hota. - Mirza Ghalib

Translation: It was not my destiny that there would be a union with my beloved. If I had lived further on, there would have been this same waiting.

10. Aank se dur na ho dil se utar jayega, waqt ka kya h guzarta h guzar jayega. - Ahmad Faraz

Translation: Before fading away from the eyesight, it will fade away from the heart, what about time, it always passes, it will pass

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