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Top 20 Women's Day Status in English 2022

Women's Day Status in English 2022: Women's are the most important part of our Nature. Here are the top 20 quotes for the beautiful women's.

Women's Day Status in English 2022

Women's Day Status in English 2022

1. Makeup is overpriced, hair products are overpriced, body products are overpriced, clothing is overpriced, being a girl is overpriced.

2. "Wow you're funny, kind, loyal and love me unconditionally I must friendzone you so I can fuck up you're emotions every time some asshole fucks up mine" - girls

3. I'm that girlfriend that gets mad at you & doesn't want to talk to you but gets extra mad when you don't even try to talk to me.

4. Every girl needs a good guy who can help her laugh when she thinks she'll never smile again.

5. Best feeling ever is when you lose weight, and your boobs stay the same size.

6. When people call me a bitch I say hell yeah I am !!!

7. When men stop being assholes, I'll stop being a bitch.

8. "What a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to her that they are not all the same"

9. There are two ways to rule women and nobody knows them....! 

10. Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more.

11. I'm a girl but I rather hang out with boys because it is less drama.

12. Maybe he`s the guy for you but you`re not the girl for him.

13. Someone doesn`t have to be perfect in order to be my prince charming.

14. When a girl says that she can`t live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future.

15. It`s funny how you can always tell when a guy likes someone else, but you can never tell if he likes you.

16. Tall guy + short girl = cute :) but short guy + tall girl = awkward.

17. Guys, stop fighting `with` her and start fighting `for` her.

18. Dear guys, when we put our head on your chest we want you to put your arms around us.

19. A smart girl knows how to love. A smarter one knows who to love.

20. When I like someone, I compare their last name with my first name in case we ever get married.

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