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Muharram Images 2022 [Free Download High Quality Images with Quotes]

Muharram Images 2022 - One of the four holy months of the year when fighting is prohibited is Muharram. After Ramadan, it is the second holiest month.

Muharram Images 2022

Muharram Images 2022

The mourning period of Muharram is on the tenth day of the month, which is known as Ashura. Sunni Muslims observe fasting on this day, while Shia Muslims lament the catastrophe that befell Husayn ibn Ali's family.

Muharram 2022: This Muharram, the Muslim community in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, will not participate in the Paiki parade. The community decides to take this action in order to prevent any potentially dangerous incidents that might result in a breakdown of law and order.

On June 3 of this year, violent fights broke out in Kanpur when a local organisation requested a shutdown in protest of comments made about the Prophet Muhammad.

A poster featuring the images of 40 people who threw stones and took part in the unrest in the city was released by the Uttar Pradesh Police.

After being postponed owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Paiki procession was scheduled to resume this year.

The current procession in-charge, Kafeel Qureshi, confirmed the development by announcing that the Paiki procession will not be held this Moharram.

"The Paiki procession will not be held this year in consideration of the vibe of the city. We have pleaded with individuals to pray at home during this month of Ramadan and contribute to city harmony "said he.

With the aid of donations from the public, Khalifa Shakeel of Tanzeem Nishan-e-Paik Qasid-e-Husain and Achche Mian of Tanzeem-Al-Paik Qasid-e-Hussein have been leading the procession each year.

Khalifa Shakeel concurred with the choice, saying, "This year's Paiki procession won't take place. The administration is aware of the situation.

The atmosphere of the city following the events on June 3 has been taken into consideration when making this choice. We've encouraged people to refrain from engaging in any activities that would compromise the city's law and order."

Joint Police Commissioner Anand Prakash Tiwari said, "The choice was made to preserve the city's tranquilly. Everyone should applaud the two khalifas for their initiative."

Paikis are individuals, mostly young people, who travel to Imambaras, Karbala, and Imam Chowks while shouting "Ya Hussain, Ya Hussain." They wear "kurta-pyjamas" and have ropes and bells strung between their back and shoulders.

Most Paikis are individuals whose families promise to designate them as such during Muharram each year if their dream comes true.

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The Bombay High Court approved on Tuesday the holding of a Muharram parade on Friday between 4 and 7 p.m. with seven vehicles carrying no more than 15 people apiece, including photographers and videographers.

The court ruled that the combined capacity of the seven trucks cannot exceed 100 people, that Taziyas cannot be taller than 6 feet, and that Alams cannot be taller than 10 feet in any one vehicle.

The court further stated that no band or music shall accompany the procession.

The All India Idara Tahafuz e Hussainiyat, a religious organisation in south Mumbai that had requested permission for Muharram processions through a plea, was given permission by the court to transport the Tazia, a replica of Imam Hussain's mausoleum, from Bhendi Bazaar to the cemetery in Mazgaon only by truck.

According to the court, everyone taking part in the procession was required to obtain both doses of the anti-Covid vaccine, and 14 days had to pass since the second treatment.

The court further prohibited individuals from entering the cemetery after the procession had ended and only allowed 25 out of every 100 people to do so.

The court ordered that by August 19 afternoon, the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the affected area be informed of the participants in the procession, and that a representative of the organisation with appropriate power should assist the administration in maintaining control of the situation.

A petition filed by the organisation asking for guidelines to permit Muharram rites while adhering the Covid-19 procedure was being heard by a division bench of Justices K K Tated and P K Chavan.

The petition had requested relaxations in the state government's August 9 ruling prohibiting Muharram processions with large crowds of people.

According to the state government, Muharram should be observed simply, and processions are not permitted in light of the pandemic.

A restricted number of Shia Muslims are requesting permission to perform the ceremonies in south Mumbai, and those who have received a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccination should also be taken into consideration, according to senior counsel Rajendra Shirodkar, speaking on behalf of the petitioner.

Purnima H. Kantharia, a government attorney, disagreed with the argument and stated that because regulating a crowd and procession is challenging and not advised during a pandemic, all religious processions draw large crowds from numerous streets.

When granting permission, the court required the organisation to promise to follow the Covid-19 rules set forth by the state, including the protocol for physical distance, failing which enforcement action would be taken. The court also required the organisation to promise that no other Taziyas will be performed in the state.

The bench further stated that Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code permits the state government to put limits on public gatherings at appropriate locations, such as the Taziya starting point and the cemetery.

The court further ordered the state to give the truck carrying the Taziya an escort and a pilot car so they can clear the path for the procession and take precautions to keep oncoming traffic at bay.

One of the key holidays observed by Muslims in India. The start of the Islamic New Year is in the first month of the Islamic calendar. One typical interpretation of the word "Muharram" is "banned," "prohibited," "illegal," etc.

It is the second holiest month after Ramadan among the four holy months of the year. War is forbidden at this period. The lunar calendar serves as the basis for the Islamic calendar.

Muharram falls on September 10, 2019, this year. In areas with a high concentration of Muslims, Muharram is observed. Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Kerala, and Maharashtra are just a few of the states that commemorate it.

Ten days straight are dedicated to Muharram celebrations. The Muslim community dresses fully in black for this occasion since the colour black represents sadness and grief.

They abstain from music, festivities, and happy occasions for a period of ten days. Shia Muslims view it as a particularly sad day because a tragic incident occurred on the tenth day of Muharram.

This day commemorates the passing of Hussain, who was compelled to swear allegiance to the caliph and was denied access to water. Yazid denied Hussain access to water and later killed him along with his family and followers.

On this day, people attend prayers and meetings and abstain from music and festivals. Despite the fact that fasting is optional, Sunnis observe this day by doing so. It is thought that Allah rewards those who observe fasts.

History of Muharram

Imam Hussain, the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, was cruelly murdered fourteen centuries ago on the tenth day of Ashura in the month of Muharram.

Imam Hussain died in the Karbala fight, but his words of kindness and equality were his true triumph.

Story of Muharram

The actual Muharram mourning story is tragic. The battle of Karbala was fought on the tenth day of Muharram, commonly known as Ashura.

Fighting took place between Yazid I, the Umayyad Caliph, his supporters, and members of the family of the Prophet Muhammad, including Imam Hussain and his adherents. Women, kids, and Imam Hussain's friends make up his army.

However, Yazid I's military was armed and prepared. He kidnapped Hussain and his family, depriving them of food and water for three days straight. Later, Hussain was brutally assassinated, and the soldiers took Hussain's son and wife prisoner.

Muslims commemorate Imam Hussain and his followers on this day of mourning.

Significance of Muharram

As the Shia community and Muslims grieve the passing of Imam Hussain and his family, this month is regarded as holy.

No celebrations or weddings are held during the first day of mourning, which lasts for 10 days (Imam Hussain's deathday).

On the final day, Ashura, people break their fast and observe these ten days in black clothing. After zawal, or noon, some people also break their fast.

Muslims beat themselves with chains on streets and other surfaces in honour of Imam Hussain on this day.

They convey their sadness and pain over the loss of a leader who was regarded as Allah's messenger through this. Most people mourn peacefully by singing hymns and chanting phrases like "Ya Hussain."

The day that Allah delivered the children of Israel from the rule of Pharaoh is commemorated as Ashura, or the tenth day of Muharram.

Jews fasted on this day because Allah had saved their children, as the Prophet Mohammad saw in Madina in 622 CE.

After that, Prophet Muhammad commanded his people to observe a two-day fast on the day before Ashura and on the tenth day, which is when Ashura falls.

Shia Muslims lament Imam Hussain's passing as Sunni Muslims observe fast.

Now that you know how Muslims in India celebrate Muharram, What do you do to observe Muharram? Tell us in the comments section below.

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