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Top 20 Question Shayari in Hindi 2022

Question Shayari in Hindi 2022: Everything you need if you are always in search of question and answer to share with your friends on Whatsapp groups. Don't forget to share it!

Question Shayari in Hindi 2022

Question Shayari in Hindi 2022

(1) Agar Muhabat Dokaano Par Bikti to Aap Kitni Baar Kharidty?
(2) Phool Songny K Liye Tora Jata Hai Dil Kisliye Tora Jata Hai?
(3) Pyar Karny Walo Ko Pata Hota Hai K Anjaam Bora Hoga Phir Wo Pyar Q Krte Hay?reply These Q.

Complete This Sweet Sentence [ I Love Yours? ]send This to Your Friends & Get Crazy Answers...

Describe Me in One Word Using the First Letter of Ur Name. This Is Fun Send to Every1 U Know and See What They Say Replay Me 1st I'm Waiting!

Insaani Jism Mein Kul Kitney Jord Hotey Hein?

Ans Is: a Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

Q. What Is the Height of Possessiveness? A. Constipation.

What Begins With T, Ends With T, and Has T in It?....teapot!

Agar Koi Larkikisi Fakeer Konumber De De... Tou Woh Kya ..... Kare Ga ...

Ek Admi Ki Saasek Aurat Ki Saas Ki Maa Haiadmi or Aurat Ka Rishta Kya Hai?

Complete This Sentence... Humayun Hai To Acha Magar? Reply Must :)

11. Hey, Today Is "Kuch Toh Kaho" Tell Me That U Wanted to Tell Me but Did Not.

12. Q. What Does 98 Stand for in Windows 98? A. It Stands for Number of Times It Hangs in a Day.

13. If Someone Purposes You and You Don't Love Him/her, How Wud You Deny Him/her Without Breaking Heart?

14. Q. Who Are the Two Brothers who Live on Opposite Sides of the Road Yet Never See Each Other? Ans: Eyes.

15. In the Middle of Skychange Y into Ithe Double of the First Whoever Answers, Shall Give Me Just Answer: Kiss

16. Wo Kon Sa Sentence Hy Jis Main a to Z Alphabets Atay Hai Reply on My Number if U R Well Mind Girl or Guy.

17. Agr Aap Dulha Ban K Stage Pe Baitho Gaytu Apni Dulhan K Kaanma Sub Sa Pehle Kia Kaho Ha?funny Reply Is Must

18 a Question for a Genious Like You..if 2+3=107+2=636+5=668+4=96then9+7=? Reply Within 5 Min if You Are a Genious.

19. Today Is World Red Rose Day. If U Luv My Friendship Give 1 Missed Call and This 2 Al Ur Friend N See Hw Many Missed Call U Get

What Do You see in My Eyes?

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